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Game Changer…Dates Sent To Your Door!!! The Skelly Twins Guide To Date Box Subscriptions

Last December I was searching for the perfect gift for Dave and was not having much luck because he doesn’t need anything. I started googling “date ideas” because this is something we have gotten lazy with during 2016. All of a sudden a company called Datebox popped up. I was intrigued and went to their website to check it out. I decided to give him a month (or more if we liked it) of Datebox as his Christmas present. I was told that his first box would arrive in January.

What is Datebox?
Datebox is subscription service that sends you a box filled with everything you need for a fun date night at home.

How much does Datebox cost?
Monthly ( you can cancel after your first month): $35.00 + $1.99 shipping (It’s less expensive if you sign up for 3-6 months).


Are there other companies that offer the same type of service?

Yes! There several out there. Most of them average $40.00 for a date box. Crated With Love is on the lower side at $25 for a box, and others include Unbox Love, DateBox Club, Datelivery, Date To Door, Date Nite Box, and Fantasy Box (this one is tailored towards a more “risqué” date night).

A couple of weeks ago our first date box arrived. We took a quick peak and then chose a day to put on the calendar. The day of the date we both were so excited. We made such a big deal about it in front of the girls so that when the evening came they would know that they had to stay upstairs.

Our date:
I fed the kids, made sure the house was clean, and waited for Dave to come home. Once he walked through the door, it was “date time” and the kids went upstairs.

We ate our healthy weight watchers dinner, enjoyed a glass of wine, and then proceeded with the date. The theme for the date was “Creativity”. We were given the ingredients to make cake pops and were given the tools to create a work of art (canvas, paint, paintbrushes,tape, and tablecloth). We both agreed the ready made Spotify playlist was awesome (the playlist was playing throughout the date).

Dave read the inspiration story (there are some parts that can be cheesy) and then we started making the cake pops. As the cake pops were cooking, we started our canvas. This was fun because we had to decide what to paint (lots of fun banter ensued).

There were conversation topics included that I would periodically ask. Dave decided to paint his half in a geometric patten and I decided to paint trees to represent our family (Datebox provided a website for inspiration ). The girls were so good and only came down a couple of times. We had THE BEST TIME and I can honestly say this was one of the best dates we have had!

Pros for using a date box service:
It forces you to put a date night on your calendar.
By staying home, you save money not paying for a babysitter, dinner, and drinks.
You don’t have to do any planning.
The conversation starters help focus the conversation away from kids and jobs.
You are less likely to throw on sweats and look like you are going to bed.

There were a few hiccups with our datebox (the baking instructions were not clear, the box said “canvases”, but we only had one to share)
It is hard to decide which date box service to use.
Because this is a subscription service, it may take a few weeks before your first date arrives.

Overall, I highly recommend trying a date box service. A date box service is perfect for people with small kids, people who are tired of watching tv and movies and want to do something “different”, people who say they aren’t creative, and people who will not let hiccups ruin the date. Dave and I both are eating well and we did not let making cake pops ruin our date. We made the cake pops and then let the kids eat them as a reward for being so good. If you look at the “value” from a monetary perspective, then you might feel the service is overpriced. However, if you look at the “value” from a relationship perspective, then it was one of the best $40 I have ever spent.

A date box service is not recommended for people who would feel like they could plan something just as fun for much less money. Just remember that there are so many details (playlist, conversation starters, tablecloth) that may not seem to have a high monetary cost, but they save you time. Date box subcritipions are also not recommended for people who can’t roll with whatever comes during the date (hiccups, cheesiness).

Bottom line, it really didn’t matter what was in the box. Having a date box and a date on the calendar forced us to make time for our relationship. We had so much fun and both agreed that no matter what, we were ordering another date in a box. I liked Datebox (it was very professional) and will probably order from them again. However, after doing research for this blog, I decided I wanted to try out a couple different services to see how they compare. For this upcoming month I have ordered a date from Unbox Love (they tend to focus their resources more on activities rathe than food), and Crated With Love (they are about 10.00 cheaper and focus more on the written material versus items in the box).

***Side note…I have paid for all 3 date box subscriptions, but there is a referral link for anyone who wants to try them out. I am going to include them because who doesn’t like a referral link!  Datebox referral link, Unbox Love referral link, Crated With Love (receive 10% of lifetime, Custom Code: theskellytwins)

In conclusion, a date box subscription is perfect for a couple who is looking for something to change things up. It’s ideal for us because we have three small kids, Dave works long hours, and having an at home date (while the kids are sleeping or upstairs) is convenient. This “subscription box” service seems to be very popular and I feel that if a company can figure out this niche, they will be very successful.

Crayon candle making (we love arts and craft dates)

– Create a sign together that says “Date Night”. Place this out on days you are having a date night so that the family knows this evening is for mom and dad.
– Create a collage that represents your spouse
– Put together a puzzle
– Jenga.: Write questions on 10 of the pieces using a sharpie and then answer as you play.
– Come up with a bucket list
– Craft Wars: Have a few crafting items out (glue, construction paper, paint, popsicle sticks, etc). Have a competition to see who can create the most unique item (let the kids judge)
– I Heart You Mailbox: Buy 2 small mailboxes at a craft store. Decorate them and then use them to deliver your love notes to each other (or your to do lists).
– Reasons Why We Love Each Other Video: Admit it, your teens and tweens make the coolest videos. If they can do it, so can you. The two of you create a fun video on why you love each other. Bonus points for sharing the video on social media.

My question for you, what would you want to be in your date box?

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    Alyssa Wilson
    January 24, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    I love date nights! We try and do them once a week, even if its corny and rent a movie. It is the intentional purpose to make that time about you and your spouse without a child interrupting.

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