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Date Box Part 2: Comparing 3 Different Date Box Companies…Why Date Boxes Are The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present For Him Or Her!

I will be completely honest…. I love receiving fun boxes filled with stuff and having dates with my husband.  Imagine my delight when I discovered that there were several companies that specialize in creating boxes filled with ready made dates for you and your significant other to partake in at home.

This seemed to be a GREAT IDEA for us (and for others) because:

  1. The dates were ready made and sent to your house for a nominal fee.
  2. It would guarantee that we put a date night on the calendar on a regular basis.
  3. We would save money on babysitting and expensive dinner and drinks.
  4. We would have variety because every box would be different.

I ended up ordering our first date box from a company called Datebox.  I blogged about our date (so much fun), but decided I wanted to try out the competition to get a better grasp on what was out there. 

I am happy to report that we were VERY happy with Crated With Love and just received our Unbox Love (we plan to do this one on Valentine’s Day). I wanted to give a brief synopsis to compare the three companies so that my friends could gauge their own impression on whether they think this is something they might want to try.  

*****I paid for all three boxes on my own and my opinion reflects our experiences. 

Datebox: I paid around $40.00 (taxes, shipping) for a date that included a fun spotify playlist, ingredients to make cake pops, items to create a canvas (paint, canvas, tablecloth, paintbrushes), and conversation starters. The presentation was professional and we ended up having a wonderful at home date! 

Crated With Love:  I wanted to try this service because it was significantly less expensive compared to the other date box services.  The boxes are smaller (which is ok) and the idea is that they spend the money developing quality dates that don’t necessarily involve shipping you arts and crafts supplies, food, etc.  The cost per box averages about ($19.99 for one month (shipping, taxes included), 3-6 month subscription ($16.67 per box), 1 year subscription ($15.83 per box). 

Our Crated With Love Date Box Review:

We received our box on a Saturday and then promptly scheduled our date for the following Wednesday night. The theme of our date was Stuck on You.  Our box included an overview of the date, instructions, 4 challenge cards, the pieces needed for the challenges, a recipe card (we did not make), a small February magnet for us to circle date nights, and a stack of sticky quote notes for us to leave for each other in the weeks after our date. The only thing we felt like we were missing was a fun music playlist to have in the background (Datebox provides this).  Luckily my husband made a “romantic” playlist that we put on.

Challenge 1:  They gave us 2 little sticky men that we had to put on a mirror or door.  The first person’s man to fall to the floor won and the “loser” had to grab the other’s hand and say 5 nice things that they love about their partner.  This was fun because it was total luck and I ended up winning all 3 rounds (yes, Dave had to figure out 15 things he loved about me…lol).  Winner = Corrin 

Challenge 2:  Because we were keeping score of who was winning the challenges, we both got into the spirit of the competition.  The second challenge introduced us to a game called Rehab (cards that have date night questions.  Crated With Love partnered up with this game and provided us with 5 of the cards.  I want to order the deck (25% off coupon code using cratedwithrehab) for a future date night). We were each given a sticky heart and directions that the first person to grab 3 cards would be the winner.  The idea was that you had to catch the card with the sticky heart (not so easy) and then read it to your partner.  This was fun because it was a decent challenge and then we started jokingly hitting each other with the hearts.  Winner = Dave.

Challenge 3:  By this time we were relaxed, had a few cocktails, and were having a great date.  The third challenge we each had a card to come up with 4 topics (animal, World City, famous person, food dish). We took turns writing our secret choice (example: squirrel) on a sticky note that was attached to our partner’s head.  Our partner then had to guess what we wrote by asking a series of yes and no questions.  The person that had to ask the fewest questions was the winner.  This was a lot of fun!  Winner = Corrin

Before we finished our 4th and final challenge, we ended up spending a decent amount of time just talking.

Challenge 4:  We each took a turn going to different rooms in our house and choosing our favorite object in that room (we used 3 rooms to save time).  We put the items in the red cloth bag provided for our date and our partner had up to 3 guesses per room.  The person who guessed the most number of items won.  Winner = Tie…we each guessed one item correctly. 

Unbox Love:  We just received this date box and will use it for our Valentine’s Date.  This date box is on par with the cost of most date boxes ($40.00 for one month (shipping, tax) and a little less for getting a monthly subscription. They seem to focus more on games/activities compared to other companies.  

Our Unbox Love contained items for the following date:  Valentine’s Day theme box that starts with making brownie hearts.  Next, we play a game “how well do you know me”,  make a piece of art using the clay provided, write in a journal, and then eat the brownies. 

What is our overall impression of date boxes?

We both agree that so far we are loving them!  In the last couple of weeks we have had 2 of the most fun dates that we have had in a long time. There is something to be said about receiving a box with surprises and scheduling it on a calendar.  It is too easy (no babysitter, no planning) to have excuses.  

Are the dates your favorite because they contain sophisticated items in the box?

No, not at all!!!!! They are our favorites because they let us relax, reconnect, and do something other than watching tv together.  We actually force ourselves (in a good way) to talk and stay connected. 

What about kids?  What do you do with them?

We make a big deal (when we get the box, the day of the date, and the evening of the date) that mommy and daddy have a date night.  We aren’t leaving, but we still expect to be left alone for a few hours.  So far the girls have been great (they come down a few times which is no big deal).  If they were constantly coming down then we would probably make sure they had an activity upstairs (movie, popcorn, etc).  Christa made the comment that Charlotte was on the couch on her tablet when she and Brad had a game date night and it really was not a big deal. 

Bottom line, yea or nay and which date box do you prefer? 

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying a date box.  Yes, you can figure out your own, but ultimately it is probably something that you will have the intent on planning, but never get to.  I REALLY liked Crated With Love because it seemed to be such a good value!  For $20.00 (or less) you can have a fun, well thought out date.  We spend way more than that every time we leave the house! I liked Datebox and would try them again, but feel that Unbox Love is also a good deal (for what you get) but at a higher price point.  

I have decided to try Crated With Love and Unbox Love for the next 6 months.  I will be spending about $300 for 12 ready made dates.  We will have 2 dates automatically planned on our calendar each month and they will average to be about $25.00 per date.  Dave and I joked that $25.00 for a 2-3 hour date is a lot cheaper than therapy!!!!

Also, there is one more REALLY GOOD POINT Dave made last night during our date.  He said, “I love that our girls are seeing their parents have fun date nights at home.  This is something that is good for them to see and will build the foundation of what they will expect from a partner in the future”.  

So, there you have it.  Our honest review of date boxes.  No matter whether you try one or not, you should definitely put a “date night” on your calendar on a regular basis.  I don’t make any money on promoting these boxes, but they do have referral points.  If you would like to sign up for Crated With Love (receive 10% of lifetime, Custom Code: theskellytwins) or Unbox Love, I would love to refer you!!! 

My question for you, how do you feel about “Family Date Night” Boxes?  My kids have already asked if they have them!!!! 

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