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We Heart Skinny Taste and Why You Will Too!!!!

We are obsessed with Gina Homolka’s Skinny Taste cookbooks and website.

Christa and I spent 2016 trying to get skinny (and healthy). We tried everything and it just didn’t happen that much (the healthy yes, skinny, not so much).  We got frustrated and decided to regroup. The three of us (Dave wanted to join)  decided to try the “New Weight Watchers Program” because it made sense.  

How is it going?

We are LOVING IT!  All three of us are seeing progress, but we don’t feel like we are on a diet. I spent 2016 calorie counting and tracking on a free app, and I averaged 1 pound per week.  With the new Weight Watchers, all three of us are seeing results that are decent and sustainable. 

Ok, so why are we obsessed with Skinny Taste and what is it?

In our search for fabulous Weight Watcher recipes, we found The Skinnytaste website and were brought back to it over and over.  Gina Homolka (a blogger, photographer, and foodie) started the website to share her delicious, easy recipes.  It grew from there. 

Is she affiliated with WW?

She is not officially affiliated with Weight Watchers, but if you go on her Skinny Taste Blog and click under cookbooks, she writes the smart points for all of her recipes.  We called out the website Smart Points and Isabella recorded them in the cookbook

They are easy to make, contain sophisticated ingredient combinations (using food/spices that most people have), are healthy, and are delicious!

Do you have to buy her cookbooks to make her food?  

No!  I would recommend trying some of her recipes from her blog that are free.  I don’t regret paying $18.00 on Amazon for her cookbook because it is hardback with beautiful recipes. It reminds me of an easier/healthier version of my Houston Junior League Cookbook that I love. 

What do you love about her cookbooks?

  1. Her cookbooks (I own both) are nice and affordable.  I started Weight Watchers a month ago and spent $15.00 on a cookbook that was terrible (no color pictures and very basic).  I ordered the first Skinnytaste cookbook for less than $18.00 on Amazon and was SHOCKED!!! Regardless of whether I use the cookbook (which I do), it is so nice (lots of beautiful pictures)!!!
  2. My kids (3, 7, 8) love the recipes. They ask if they can help meal plan and pick out what we are going to eat.  They loved the “fake fried chicken” recipe.
  3. The accessibility:  Her recipes are not complicated and the average person owns most of the ingredients. 
  4. Stories…. I love that all of her recipes have stories.  Her first book seems to be a collection of her popular blogs.  The second book seems to be more focused on using the slow cooker and on incorporating spices. 
  5. Meal planning.  I am not a “typical meal planner”.  However, when you make recipe after recipe that is SOOO good and easy, you find yourself planning out your meals.  We have cut back on going out  to eat (money and calories).  We now get excited about trying one of these recipes for our Friday or Saturday night dinner. 

What have you made that is good?

We have made SO MANY RECIPES! From the first cookbook we have really enjoyed baked zucchini sticks (4 points) , Bangin’ Good Shrimp (5 points), Buttermilk Oven “Fried Chicken” (7 points), Naked Persian Turkey Burgers (6 points), Chicken Marsala on the Lighter Side (5 points), Spaghetti “Squashata” with Turkey Bolognese (6 points), So-Addicted Chicken Enchiladas (5 points), Colombian Carne Asada with Aji Picante (4 points), and Kiss My (Shrimp And) Grits (7 points), Cheesy Cauliflower Mash (1 point), and Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Prosciutto (2 points). 

From the second cookbook we have made the Slow Cooker Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread (5 points).  We have the ingredients to make the Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala (4 points) and the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Shooters. (7 points).  

What shocked you?

We are surprised that the average home cook can read these recipes and make a sophisticated meal! We are surprised that everything we make is healthy and tastes good!  Also, we ordered the second cookbook on Sunday (evening) and received it Monday afternoon!!!! 

What is your bottom line?

Bottom line is this. If you have an extra $36.00 to spare, buy both of these cookbooks. You will delve into both of them and every member (regardless of age) will be happy with your  choices. These recipes (regardless of whether you are doing Weight Watchers or not) will show you how to eat better, without sacrificing the taste.  Your kids will want sweets and you will be proud  to have delicious recipes that teach you that you don’ t have to forfeit the taste and can use egg whites and apple sauce as a substitute. 

Ok….what is really your bottom line?

These two cookbooks will change your life.  I know it sounds dramatic, but it will. All 3 of my kids love these recipes and beg to meal plan (and cook) with me.  Yes, the slow cooker banana chocolate bread is 5 points per slice, but in the grand scheme of things , our normal banana chocolate chip bread probably was 10 or 20 points.   We are making changes, but without sacrificing flavor. 

Ok, you have convinced me to buy these books.  Can I purchase them and do good at the same time?

Yes!!! We (The Skelly Twins) do not make any money from this blog (we do it for fun).  However, we have a charity that is near and dear to our heart (Dec My Room).  The charity supports decorating rooms for kids who spend 3 weeks or longer in the hospital (typically cancer patients, transplant patients).  If you buy all of your Amazon goods though AmazonSmile (and designate Dec My Room) as the recipient, you will be shopping and donating to a wonderful non-profit!

My question for you, who wants to order these AWESOME COOKBOOKS, GET SKINNY, AND DONATE TO CHARITY? 


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