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What is a Veggetti?

A Veggetti is a device that is great in the kitchen!!!


There are three things that I think are just WONDERFUL

A Veggetti is a kitchen gadget used to turning veggies into noodles.  I have used it to make noodles out of zucchini and yellow squash.

YOU ARE THINKING GROSS…I will stick with regular pasta.

I HATE HATE HATE things that taste like diet food.  I would rather not eat something if it doesn’t taste very similar to the real deal. My mom purchased this device for me and I was a big skeptic.  There was NO way these noodles would taste like real pasta.

Fast forward to Corrin and I losing weight and getting healthy

Carbs are wonderful but eating a lot of them is not good.  If you look on packages, there are tons of things that have high carbs.  I want to eat my carbs in places where substitutions are not good.

The other night I made a spaghetti sauce for my family.  I used my Veggetti to make noodles for my plate and I made regular pasta for the rest of the family. After I peeled the squash and zucchini, I cooked it in the microwave.  


After I poured the spaghetti sauce over the noodles, I discovered that they tasted fantastic!  I was bracing myself for a weird tasting dish.  My daughter Abbey tried it out and also thought that they tasted great!


You can pick up the Veggetti at your grocery store or on Amazon for around $10.00.

An electric pressure cooker is a device for quickly cooking food.

Years ago my mom bought me a stove pressure cooker from a thrift shop.  She came to my house to show me how to use it.  It is all about the valve on top and making sure the pressure is correct.

My response
No way.  This is far too complicated for me.

Fast forward to when I learned that pressure cookers were used in some bombings.

This just cemented the fact that I was not smart or talented enough to use the pressure cooker and the results for not using it correctly were not worth it.  I was scared of pressure cookers.

Fast forward to my mom buying me an electric pressure cooker for Christmas two years ago

The pressure cooker sat in the box for over a year and a half.  I was still scared of them.  

Fast forward to Freezer Meal Club

One of my friends was talking about her mom’s electric pressure cooker and went on and on about how wonderful it was.  This inspired me to take it out of the box and try it out.

The result:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the electric pressure cooker.  It is really easy to use and they have safety devices on it which make it a safe device to use.

How does it compare to the old fashioned stove pressure cookers?

I researched it and the stove pressure cookers can get to a higher temperature.  It can cook things three times faster than traditional cookers.  The electric pressure cooker can cook things two times faster.

Why not just use a crock pot?

I love my crock pot but sometimes I am not that prepared in advance to know what I am going to cook for the day.  If it 5:30 and I need to have dinner for 6:00, I can use my electric pressure cooker and the meat will come out falling apart.

What are other neat things?

Chicken is my favorite thing to cook using  it.  The chicken shreds apart if you want it to.  It is amazing.

You can cook any food in it, even apples and rice.

You can throw frozen things in it and it will still come out fantastic.  

You can buy them on Amazon for around $65.00 on up.  They even have new ones that can sautee things.  

Am I going to still use my crockpot?

Yes but only for the days that I am prepared and know in the morning what is for dinner.  I probably use my pressure cooker at least four nights a week.

My mom took Corrin’s home because she wasn’t using it but Corrin just asked for it back now that I showed her how easy to use they are!

A reflexology place is where you can get foot, back, and head messages.  

In Houston and on the outskirts of Houston, there are tons of reflexology places…..and they are SUPER cheap.

Brad and I love getting back rubs, head rubs, and feet rubs.


We are both takers and neither one wants to give the other these rubs.  


Go to a Spa or Massage place and get a message


This can be VERY expensive and we would rather do other things with our money.

Economical Solution

We have discovered these Reflexology places are AMAZING and cheap!

I went last Friday to the Reflexology place near my house (for locals, next to Bounce Bounce and Top Sushi).  I decided on getting a thirty minute foot rub and a thirty minute back rub.  This hour long treatment would be $40.00 (I know….cheap).

I went into the large room that had several lay down chairs.  For thirty minutes, the reflexologist (that is what I will call her) did the following:  put my feet in warm water, messaged my feet, legs (rolling up my pants up to my calves), scalp, head, and face.

I then was taken to a messag room for my back message.  For thirty minutes I received an amazing back massage.  At one point, the reflexologist went to retrieve hot stones and she messaged my back with the hot stones for a while (this felt super fancy).  

The message was very relaxing.  

If I could only choose one of the three, what would I choose?

I would probably go with the pressure cooker because it is a one time cost and I use it all of the time.

My question for you is this:

Please tell me what kitchen gadget or other device that makes your life easier or healthier?

PS.  I used the pressure cooker to make a skinny buffalo chicken dip that is REALLY good and easy:

Cook chicken and shread it.  Add it to a crockpot.  Add a stick of low fat cream cheese and a cup of hot sauce.  Serve with celery or crackers.

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