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Sew….You Want Some Quality Girl Time?

Admit it. You love Pinterest and see a million and one crafts you want to make. You might have a sewing machine, but do you really know how to use it? Do you have a daughter who you would love to teach how to sew?

Today’s blog was inspired by my daughter Isabella’s interest in sewing and fashion design. She has asked me to teach her how to sew, but truthfully, I don’t really know that well. I have the best memories of my mom taking us to 4-H extension sewing classes. However, as I got older, I got lazy and didn’t really open my mind to sewing.

Fast forward to recently when several of my friends told me about this AWESOME SEWING STUDIO near our house called Sew Houston. A sweet former teacher named Yolanda was teaching and came across some sewing machines that weren’t being used at her school. She started teaching sewing to kids after school and then had a dream to open up her own sewing studio. I am so happy that her dream turned into a reality.

For Christmas I decided to buy Isabella and myself an introduction to sewing class at Sew Houston. For a very reasonable $40.00 a person fee, we were going to make a tote and learn sewing basics during a 90 minute class. I have dabbled here and there with a sewing machine, but was excited to have an expert teach me the basics. The day before the class Yolanda had a cancellation so it was decided that Sophia would join us.

The morning of the class I took the girls to Hobby Lobby to buy 1 yard of fabric (1/2y yard for the outside, 1/2 yard for the inside and handle). You can buy fabric at Yolanda’s studio, but I thought it would be fun for the girls and I to have an outing to pick out fabric.

Isabella picked out a purple, white, and pink combo, Sophia picked out a puppy theme, and I picked out a simple grey and yellow theme. We showed up at the location and were greeted by Yolanda who could not have been nicer. The studio is intimate and had room for 6 participants (I’m not sure if she has extra machines to make room for more people).

I can’t tell you how awesome the class was!!!! The project was simple, but very cute. I loved how good Yolanda was with both my kids (7 and 8 years old) and the 4 adults. Yolanda was nice and positive. She explained everything and was awesome about trusting that my kids (especially Sophia) had the ability to make this project.

I have used a sewing machine, but am so glad I took this class with the girls. It was a great refresher and made me realize, that I enjoy creating and want to build upon my skills.

Here are the reasons why I highly recommend Sew Houston and if you don’t live in Houston, why I think you should find a similar venue.
The classes are very reasonable.
The space was fun, clean, cool, and bright.
Yolanda made everyone feel welcome.
The project was appropriate for new sewers along with others who wanted to brush up on their skills.
Yolanda provided us with all of the instructions via email after the class.
Sew Houston offeres a wide variety of classes (projects)
This would be a PERFECT location for a small birthday party.
This would be SOOO fun for a girl’s night.

Yolanda said the next class that would be appropriate for us to take is her zipper/ pillow class. The girls were so excited and can’t wait for us to sign up for another class. Yolanda mentioned that she offered a sewing camp during the summer. Isabella and Sophia both want to sign up for that!

My question for you, what kind of sewing project would you be interested in learning?

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