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Ten Easy Steps To Jump Start Your Weight Loss For Bikini Season!

Christa and I are obsessed with the new Weight Watchers!


We spent 2016 working out crazy and calorie counting with a free app. It did not work. (Well, we became fitter but the pounds did not come off).

Fast forward to January 1st when we decided that something was amiss. We (Christa, Dave, and myself) decided to jump on the new “Oprah backed” Weight Watchers.

What is the difference between the old program and the new program?

Basically the old program was calorie counting. You were awarded points based on the number of calories in an item. The new program takes into account that not all items have the same nutritional value. Christa and I wrote a blog explaining the new system. The new WW gives you more daily points, but assigns CRAZY high points to stuff that is not good for you (think 100 calorie snack packs).

How have we done?

Since January 1st Christa has lost 12 pounds, I have lost 12 pounds, and Dave has lost 15 pounds. We are still working out (4-5 times a week), but are finally seeing the results that we did not see last year.

Have you been social?

I’m happy to say that we are still very social. We love hanging out with family and friends. The only difference is that we feel “less” inclined to go crazy on the weekends and blow all of our weekday hard work. We make delicious WW recipes, have a few cocktails, and have been seeing results.

The Skelly Twins 10 Tips For Being Successful on Weight Loss (with input from a few friends who have been successful on Weight Watchers)

  1. Use the Weight Watchers App: It works! It’s about $20.00 a month, but even less if you sign up for a few months at a time.  Several of our friends go to the meetings. We don’t, but you should do whatever works for you! Plus if you are paying for the app, you have more of a buy in.
  2. Watch your carbs!  Even if you are doing WW, be mindful of the carbohydrates you are eating.  The more you eat the slower your weight loss will be. (EGGS ARE A BIG BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!  THEY ARE LOW CARBS, FILLING, AND ONLY 2 WW POINTS)
  3. Buy a Veggetti:  We love our Veggetti! A Veggetti is a gadget that can make noodles from vegetables such as zucchini and yellow squash. Our mom bought us the cheap one but it kept cutting our fingers so we finally upgraded.  The noodles are great with pasta sauce and you are not taking in the carbs! Get Creative with your carb substitutes. We LOVE substituting spaghetti squash or zucchini squash instead of pasta. We went to Mongolian grill and were thrilled to have a yummy stir fry with cabbage in lieu of rice or noodles. 
  4. Cut back on wine:  If you are going to be social, you are better off drinking vodka or rum.  If you must have your wine, drink a few glasses of water in between.
  5. Limit your fruit:  Fruit has a ton of sugar. Weight Watchers has unlimited fruit and veggies. We ate way too much at the start and decided that we lost more weight when we limited our fruit. We now keep our fridge stocked with blueberries and strawberries. When we are craving something sweet, we have a cup of berries and low fat cottage cheese.
  6. Order Skinny Taste Cookbooks or use the website:  These recipes are amazing, easy, and have the Weight Watchers points attached.
  7. Don’t log your exercise (but exercise). You are awarded more points if you add your exercise, but the weight will come off faster if you don’t add the points.  
  8. Order Oolong Tea Online and make a spritzer.  Do you want a good drink to sip on all day that is healthy for you (Oolong tea is comparable to green tea)?  Make the Oolong tea and pour 3/4 of it in a cup over ice.  Add 1/4 cup of 5 calorie cranberry juice.  You will feel like you are drinking Starbuck Passion Ice Tea!
  9. Make it a family (and friend) affair: Having my kids and husband on board, helps keep me on track. The girls wanted to make cookies a few Friday nights ago and found a yummy chocolate WW recipe! Our friend Holly said that she recruited a few of her friends and that has helped!
  10. Have the proper measuring tools:  Get used to measuring and weighing everything! If you don’t have a digital scale, decent measuring cups, and good measuring spoons, order some on Amazon today!

Our question for you:  Who is ready to stop making excuses and get this party started?

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