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Can You Guess What The Skelly Twins Are Currently Obsessed With?

Every once in a while we like to blog about things that we just LOVE!!!! Here they are. 1. Gevalia Coffee (I buy the pods)

I really enjoy coffee, but I am not a die hard, strong Starbucks kind of gal.  In fact, my favorite coffee would be one ordered from Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds because they are more of a lighter type coffee.  I stumbled upon Gevalia Coffee recently by accident. Lately I buy most of my coffee pods from Aldi, because you just can’t beat there price.  A few weeks ago I ran out of pods and asked Dave to pick me up some when he ran to Kroger.  I forgot about the purchase and didn’t think anything until the next morning when I used the pod he bought.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This coffee is SO GOOD!!! It was so smooth and tasted expensive.  I looked up the price and saw that my taste buds were spot on, they are pricey (they run about $6.99-7.99 a box, compared to my $4.00 Aldi box).  I wish I could say that my cheapness would prevail, but now I just can’t stop drinking it.  I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning, so I have decided to continue with this splurge.  The one I am obsessed with is the Signature Blend Medium Roast.  I looked up the company’s history and saw that this coffee import company started in Sweden in 1853.  Today Gevalia has more than 40 different blends that consist mainly of Arabica blends (using beans from Kenya, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Colombia). 2. Ambiano Egg Cooker (Aldi $12.99)

I love poached eggs and soft boiled eggs. The problem is that it is SO hard to create the perfect egg when using these two types of egg styles.  A few weeks ago I was at Aldi (shock) and saw this egg cooker.  I was amazed that you could make soft or hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, and omelets.  I thought I would try it out and if it didn’t work, I would just return it.  Imagine my surprise when this egg cooker made the best soft boiled eggs (they peeled so easy) and poached eggs!!! The device is so easy that my kids know how to use it.  If you don’t have an Aldi nearby, I am sure there are other companies that sell similar products! 

3. Tabletalks Family: Questions To Start Great Conversations ($25.00)

Our friend Karen was telling us the other night about these conversation starters that are great for families sitting around the table.  We mentioned them to our friend Amy and she made a comment that they enjoyed the conversation starters game Chick Filet put out a few months ago. Both Christa and I have purchased these cards and they are GREAT!  I am hoping that we will sit at the table more and be more intend with each other as a family unit. 

4. Altar’d State (Clothing Boutique)

Y’all, I am obsessed with this store.  I would equate my obsession to 15 years ago when Christa and I would take trips to the east coast and Europe and head to H&M before tourist attractions because we loved the clothes and we did not have one.  Fast forward to this past Friday.  Dave and I dropped the kids off at his parents house in Austin and then went on a belated anniversary date at the Domain.  We were walking to find something to eat when I saw this clothing store.  Me, “Dave, do you mind if we stop in for one second?” Dave, “no problem”.  We walked in the store and the first thing I couldn’t get over was how good it smelled.  The second thing I thought was, wow….the clothes are so cute, and there are so many of them!!!! Five minutes turned into an hour and my husband was so sweet and such a trooper.  I could not get over how cute and flattering the styles were. It has boutique style feeling, but without crazy boutique prices.  Yes, they are higher than H&M and Target (my favorites) but, they are much less than stores such as Anthropology.  I didn’t understand the name because when I think of altered state (I think of drinking, drugs).  However, after reading about the company and then realizing it was ALTAR and not ALTER, it made more sense.  The company is a for profit Christian based company that wants to make money, but does also donate larger amounts to charity compared to most retailers.  I was surprised that it was a “Christian based company” because the clothes weren’t overly modest.  They were actually just my style.  I’m not into the hoochie mama (very very short shorts, lots of skin), but I’m also ok with a classy sexier look.  I read that this store caters to moms and daughters (teenage, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s on up).  I could totally see shopping here with my niece Paige, my sisters, mom, and mother-in-law.  I do lots of Stitch Fix and feel that the price points are about the same (not Forever 21 cheap, but not Neiman Marcus expensive).  If you want to read an interesting article about the store, here is a link. I read that they run sales all of the time.  In fact, when we went in I bought 2 dresses (they were running a buy one dress, get one dress half off sale), a cute necklace, and a headband for Isabella.  Trust me ladies, once you go into one of these stores, you will LOVE IT!  If you go to their website, they show the merchandise, but honestly, I think the pictures don’t really do the stuff justice.  My stuff is so cute and then I went and looked online and thought “someone needs to take better pictures”.  Here are pictures of what I bought!

Here is the good news for my Austin friends…you have two stores already!!!!! To my Houston friends, the closest one is in the Woodlands.  However, they are about to open one up in Rice Village and Sugar Land!!! I will be there when they open!!!!!  My Louisiana friends, they have one open in Shreveport and Lafayette!!! They are opening one in Baton Rouge…. I have a feeling we will be taking a visit to this store when we go to Crawfish Festival in a few weeks. Everyone else, click on this website to see if they have one in your area.  If not, you can order everything online. 

5.  Deep Eddy Vodka 

Here is another product that came out of Austin and is very cool (doesn’t everything in Austin seem cool!).  About a year ago we found out about a delicious grapefruit vodka made in Texas.  We added sparkling water and it made for a fun, refreshing pool side drink.  Fast forward and now Deep Eddy offers several flavored vodkas.  Christa loves the grapefruit and I like the peach.  I researched the vodka because I was adding it to our list and found out that the distillery is located in Dripping Springs, Texas and was named after the historic landmark Deep Eddy Pool in Austin which is the oldest spring fed swimming pool in Texas. 

So there you have it, our current favorite things.  Our question for you, what should we be obsessed with?

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