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What is a Kidbox?

No, it is not a box you stuff your kid in.

I have recently seen advertisements for a clothing service for kids called Kidbox.   Every time I see the advertisement I think “What parent would order this service for their child?”  I thought it was a little much.  When it comes to shopping for myself or my kids, I am much more of a Target/Old Navy girl.

Kidbox looks just like Stitch Fix, the service for adults that sends a box of clothes and you keep or return what you want. 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago

My friends were talking about Kidbox and they said that the price point is not bad.  They have lots of items in the 10-20 dollar range.  I checked it out and decided to order a box.


Unlike Stitch Fix who charges you a $20.00 styling fee, Kidbox does not charge you to send you a box of kids clothes. 

You can return or keep any of the items and the items you return are free shipping.

If you buy all of the items in the box, Kidbox will donate an outfit to a needy child.

Therefore, I literally was not out any money by trying it out.

How it works:

You fill out a survey to convey your child’s tastes and sizes in clothing.  About three weeks later, a box of clothing arrives.  You can keep or return whatever you want.  The shipping to return items is free.  You are not out any money if you choose to return all of the items.  They have kid sizes 2-14.

Kidbox arrives

Charlotte’s Kidbox arrived and she was super excited.  They sent her five pieces:  Two t-shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of leggings, and a romper. 

There were a few Lucky Brand t-shirts and the romper was Jessica Simpson.  I didn’t know the other brands.

Charlotte’s Thoughts:

She loved the clothes.  The leggings were super soft so she begged me to let her keep those.

My Thoughts:

I thought some of the clothes were cute and the others were just ok.  The prices didn’t seem crazy high but they were not Target cheap the way I like.  We decided to keep the romper, leggings, and blue t-shirt that went with the leggings.  I don’t like shopping so it was neat having the box arrive to my home.  I think that it would be a great birthday present for a kid, especially a tween aged girl. 

Would  I order again?

I will probably order again in the Fall when school is about to start.  I am still a Target/Old Navy girl so $14.00 for a t-shirt is a little high. 

I am going to shamelessly plug myself (sorry) and say, if you use this link, you will get $25.00 off of your order and I get $25 off of my next order (win/win!) 


My question for you is this:  What do you think about this type of service?

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