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How To Add Value And Curb Appeal To Your House Without Breaking The Bank!!!

How do you add both value to your house and curb appeal without breaking the bank?  Power Washing!!!! According to the National Association of Realtors, power washing the outside of your house can potentially add thousands of dollars to the value of your house.  

Today’s blog was inspired by a sweet family in our neighborhood who have faced adversity, but have decided that they won’t let it bring down their spirit.

I first met the Lininger family when their son Brandon was in Sophia’s class.  I soon learned about their story and was inspired by their dedication for doing everything they could for their daughter Savanna.  Years ago they were the proud parents to two boys and were living in California.  They found out they were pregnant with twins (a girl and a boy) and things were good.  After the twins were born, they noticed that something seemed to be happening to Savanna.  Shortly thereafter she was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms (a rare form of epilepsy).  She would have 50-100 seizures a day.  They decided that Ken would quit his job so that he could care for Savanna and they would move the family to Houston so that she could receive the best care. Savanna has had brain surgeries and is finally in a place where things seem to be going in the right direction.  Here is a beautiful video that chronicles the families journey.  Savanna has been seizure free for 4 years!Recently Ken has decided to start a power washing business in Cypress called Cypress Curb Appeal Services.

I asked Ken why he decided to start Cypress Curb Appeal Services and this is what he had to say.

“I started this business after Savanna has proven she is doing very well with seizure control.  Like most kids who have epilepsy, the outcome is still unknown.  Because of this, it is still too early for me to commit fully to another company.  I care too much for the people I would be supporting and working for to suddenly have to step away if Savanna goes into crisis again, or even if the epilepsy starts again.

Cypress Curb Appeal Services allows me to serve the community and work in a manner that has immediate benefits, little long-term commitment, little overhead, and a lot of flexibility with regard to being home for the kids.  It also allows me to have ownership in my work.”

I decided to give him a call because I wanted to support his business and because WE REALLY NEEDED IT!!!We had this spot of green something growing on our house and every time I would pull into the driveway it would bug me. I know my neighbors were probably wondering why we would not clean it!  Dave gets home super late every night so I decided to hire Ken, the professional.

Ken came over and gave us a quote.  We discussed what we wanted clean and he was set up to come the following day.

How did it turn out?

WONDERFUL!!!!! We were so pleased with how it looked.  You don’t realize how much you have let certain things go too far until you see before and after pictures.  Ken was so professional and stayed for over two hours in the heat.  He power washed all over the front and side of our house.  Our home is only three years old and the difference power washing made is amazing.  It is such a big bang for your buck!!!!Why do we recommend using Ken even if you own a power washer?

  1. He is very professional.
  2. His prices are reasonable and he is even running a special for Towne Lake residents. Click here to find out details. 
  3. He is passionate about bringing awareness to his daughter’s condition and donates 10% of all profits to The Seize Hope Fund benefiting the pediatric epilepsy unit at UT Health / CMHH.
  4. He will do such a great job that all of your neighbors will be so appreciative that your curb appeal looks amazing!
  5. He is very involved in our community.  He helps raise funds for others who are in similar medical situations. His compassion to helping others has even come full circle after he hired a young man in our community who has special needs to assist him with his power washing company.

So, there you have it! The easiest way to add value and curb appeal to your home, power washing.  If you live in Cypress, give Ken a call.  If you don’t live in Cypress, then I highly recommend you find someone who can come over and give the outside of your home a spruce job.  You won’t regret it!!!

My question for you is this:  Who is going to get their house power washed?

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