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Why We Should Train Our Families To Be Adventurous Eaters!!!

Think about all of the people in your family (yourself included). Who is the most likely to try a new food? The least likely? Who is the family member who wants to eat the same thing over and over? Who wants to go out to eat all of the time? Who prefers a home cooked meal?

It is so easy to get sucked into catering to the whims of picky eaters (both kids and adults). My kids get so mad because they are never allowed to say they don’t like something until they try it. I have heard lots of stories from friends whose kids only eat one or two things and so they are basically being held hostage to things like chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.

I decided to write a blog today encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zone and have their family try different types of cuisines. Today’s blog was inspired by three events.

#1. The Elliott Household


Growing up in Village Green (our neighborhood in Pineville, LA) we practically lived across the street at our best friend Nana’s house. Her mom was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air force and her dad was a Major. I remember eating at their house a million times and the common theme was they cooked “adventurous” food. Not adventurous in a bad way, but they traveled the world and brought back recipes and techniques from all over. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized what a gift they gave to both their kids and the Skelly twins. We were also lucky that eating (trying) everything was a rule in our own house. To this day there are VERY few things that I do not like eating.

#2. The Annamalai and Mishra families

We LOVE Indian food, but have always been too intimated to cook it. Thankfully for us, two of our sweet friends (Tiffany and Shweta offered Indian cooking lessons in their homes). Christa and I wrote a blog about Shweta’s lesson. We still make this dish all of the time. Our other friend Tiffany, has a wonderful mother-in-law who kindly offered to teach us how to make even more Indian food. We were so appreciative and loved every minute! Both lessons showed us that Indian can be healthy and delicious!


#3. Slurping Noodles

A few months ago one of our neighbors posted on the Creekside Facebook Page that they were opening a Noodle House close by. The next day Dave, the girls, and I decided to try it out. WOW….WE LOVED IT!!! All 6 of us (we also had Charlotte). Everyone cleaned their bowls. This never happens. A few days ago the girls were having a lemonade stand when we met a neighbor who moved in a few houses down. Come to find out, she was the owner of the Slurping Noodle! The next day I made Christa go with me (we took the kids again plus Abbey). I insisted Abbey order THE DREAMIN (best dish on the menu). Christa and I shared a healthy option and the girls ate the kid’s noodle bowls. We also tried the fabulous ice cream. Once again, everyone cleaned their plates. The girls keep begging to go back!!! If you live in Cypress (or Houston), I highly recommend you trying this new Fairfield restaurant. You won’t be disappointed!  I can’t believe we have a restaurant in Cypress that feels more like a noodle house you would find in New York City or London (with great prices)!

I feel that as our world becomes more global, it is important to instill the value of trying new foods and being more adventurous with our eating. When your children are successful adults, they will appreciate traveling and being able to enjoy authentic, exotic food. As I was doing research for this blog, I read lots about how adventurous eaters tend to lead healthy lifestyles because they read labels and try spices that create delicious dishes.For those of you Houstonians who are looking for a little food adventure, Houston Restaurant Weeks (month of August) just released the menus of over 250 participating restaurants. Those of you who don’t live in Houston, if you are visiting at any time in August, make sure to look up the fancy restaurants that offer discounted prix fix menus with a portion benefiting the Houston Food Bank!My question for those of you who get your picky eaters to eat adventurous foods, what are your tips?

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