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12 Armadillos (Part 5): Our Husband’s Suddenly Want to Be Designers!

pic 13

Lesson’s Learned

  1. Putting in plumbing for a slab is labor intensive                                                           It took two full days for the plumbing pipes to be dug and installed in the dirt.  Dusty our plumber was fantastic and did an amazing job.  It is VERY hot right now in Texas so not only was this a lot of work, it was done in this crazy Texas heat.

pic 1

2. Mistakes will happen and you just have to go with the flow!                                           

Mistake 1:Concrete guy accidently hits pipe:  plumber fixes it!

Mistake 2: Concrete guys accidently pour over one of the pipes for the fridge:  Pipes will be run through wall.

Mistake 3:  Barndo erector is out of town when concrete is poured so concrete guy must sort out the anchor bolts in the concrete (drove to College Station for them!)

pic 43.  Try to add special touches that are important to you and your family                  Our faith is very important to the Wilson/Wilcox families.  We knew we wanted to do something to express our faith.  We took two prayer cards (one to the Virgin Mary and the other to Saint Anthony),wrote out a prayer, and put the prayer and prayer cards in a ziplock bag.  We put our families names on it and the date.  Corrin, Charlotte, Finley, and I drove to the land and put the prayer card in the dirt work far in the ground the day before the concrete would be poured.  We put it near the front door of the barndo.

pic 54. There is a reason why concrete is so expensive                                                          Corrin and I wanted to see the concrete being poured so we drove to the land around 8:30 AM.  We passed a concrete truck leaving the direction of our land and were so disappointed because we felt that we probably missed the pour. Imagine our surprise when we pulled up and saw tons of concrete trucks coming and going.  It took SIXTEEN CONCRETE TRUCKS from Austin to pour our slab!  I had stress attacks the day before imagining that the one concrete truck would not make it up our dirt road.  Can you even imagine what our dirt road is like now after sixteen concrete trucks have been on it?  This is just another job for Brad to sort out.

pic 65. People have been so wonderful                                                                                        Corrin and I have been so humbled by the support and excitement from our friends and family over this project.  We have had several friends call us up and say “Hey, I’m about to donate this, would you like it for the barndo?”  People have just been awesome.

pic 7

6. Discovering new things on our land is exciting                                                               Our honey bees are thriving!  We tasted the honey and it tastes wonderful!  We are hoping by the fall, we will have enough to bottle.  Brad has been a rockstar in researching and taking care of the bees.  We knew that we had a few pecan trees on our land but now we realize that we actually have several huge ones so not only will we have honey, we will have pecans!  I can’t wait for the fall to pick them and bake!!!!!

7.  Decide the direction of your project                                                                                       1. First:  The two families buy land and for the next few years, they will slowly finish it.

2. There are twelve of us now.  Can you guys imagine how many more people will be staying in the barndo when the kids get married and have their own families?  We need to make it bigger.  (Goes from 4 bedrooms/4.5 baths to 6 bedrooms/6.5 baths)

3.  The space is going to be perfect for  three or four families to stay here at the same time.  The grand room is a perfect area for a large group to hang out in.  We will have a kids game room area too so the adults can be and the grand room and the kids can be watching a movie in the game room if they want to.  We should finish it out now so we can rent it out on the weekends we are not using it.

4.  Let’s finish it now so we can list it on VRBO.

8. Planning the inside finished product is a big part of the fun!

We named our Barndo The 12 Armadillos because the armadillo is the state mammal of Texas and there are 12 of us between the two families.   We decided that we wanted our barndo to have a Texas style so each of the six bedrooms would be a different Texas related theme.  The barndo will be able to sleep 25 people.  Here are pictures of five of the bedrooms.  Some of the pictures included are inspirations photos and others are of things we have purchased.  Dave and Brad threw a fit when we wanted the sixth bedroom to be the “Keep Austin Weird” room.  Apparently they now want to be in charge of the sixth bedroom (theme and design).  Corrin and I are very interested to see what they come up with.  Do you guys have any suggestions?  Corrin and I CANT WAIT for them to design it!  Brad and Will plan on building the six bunk beds in the kid’s bunk room.

room 1

room 2

room 3Room 4

room 5

pic 39. Try to be smart about the budget                                                                                     There are some things that you have to spend more money on than others.  The research we did all stressed that you have to have comfortable beds in a vacation home.  We are buying duvet covers for all of the beds because not washing the bedding for every person is just gross to us.  We have picked up several pieces of furniture from second hand stores that can be painted to look brand new.  We will be painting furniture for the next month or so.  We wanted a dining table that can seat at least twenty people.  After searching, we realized that buying one of these would cost thousands of dollars, especially if you include the chairs.  We are having our sweet and wonderful carpenter Jorge make us this table at a fraction of the cost.

pic 810. Get the kids involved in the project and have fun!

pic 9

Our question for you is this:  What advice do you have?

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