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Girl Power: If The Skelly Twins Can Build A Barndonium, You Can Too!

IMG_8544.JPGWe are very excited to report that we have had so much progress in the last few weeks! As always, we wanted to share some of the lessons we have learned going through this amazing journey!

#1. GIRL POWER!!!!!

IMG_8429Of course we can’t say that our husbands have not contributed greatly to this project (they have), but overall the two of us have truly been the general contractors.   Beto (our amazing erector) joked and told us that our concrete guy told him that there were two girls who wanted him to build their barndo.  He was confused at first because according to him, “100% of his business is dealt by husbands”.  

#2.  Windows And Doors Go First!!! 

IMG_8484We thought we had lots and lots of time to buy windows and doors because we assumed (wrongly) that they were the last to go into new construction.  

#3.  Don’t Be Intimidated By Doing Things You Have Never Done Before


We had to scramble to buy windows and doors.  Christa and I rented a trailer from Home Depot and sorted out buying the doors and transferring them to the land.  We think the hardest part of the project has probably been backing up the trailer!

#4.  Metal Buildings Go Up Fast!

IMG_8470We feel that it took forever to figure out our road and to finally get our concrete poured.  Just know that once you get your metal building delivered, it goes SOOO FAST!!!! 

#5.  You Have To Get At Least 3 Bids On Every Part of The Project!

IMG_8477We have learned that in every component people will give you a wide range of bids.  Do your homework!  We wanted to use our contractor from our condo remodel to frame and sheetrock the second half, but his bid was $40,000 higher than our other bids.  We think he was inexperienced in framing and didn’t realize fair market price. 

#6.  There Will Be Hiccups And You Can’t Go Psycho!

IMG_8560Saturday morning all 4 of us (plus kids) were at the land early because Home Depot gave us a 6 AM- 8 AM delivery window.  By 10 AM (Christa and Brad left to drive to Lubbock) we were still waiting in our car at the land.  I called Home Depot and was told that the window was 6 AM – 8 PM (apparently you can pay extra for a smaller delivery window).  I was also told that the delivery truck broke days ago and someone should have called to cancel my delivery.  Instead of getting mad, I calmly asked if we could take our trailer and pick them up.  It was not the Home Depot worker’s fault, so we decided to just figure it out. 

#7.  You Have To Think Outside The Box

IMG_8392We had windows and doors that we knew would be delivered, but would not necessarily be installed the second they reached the land.  We decided to have a POD delivered and was grateful it made it to the end of our road!

#8.  Oh The People You Will Meet

IMG_8567.jpgThis has actually been one of the best parts of this project.  We can’t even tell you about all of the nice people who have helped us along the way.  One of the highlights of the experience was when Beto took us to see some of his finished projects.  We got to meet a sweet couple (from Midland) who lives near Round Top.  They own “Rubbish” a super trendy and cool shop at Round Top.  You should check out their shop.  We got a “sneak peak” and are in AWE!!!!

#9.  Get The Right People On The Bus!

IMG_8382This has been the most important aspect of the project.  We are so grateful to find Mueller and a very nice manager named Jeremy at the Rosenberg location.   He sent 2 of the nicest truck drivers to deliver our metal building.  They were awesome and said they were waiting at 2 AM in a parking lot, but didn’t want to call us that early.  We found Kenny who started the road.  We then found Justin (best septic person ever who recommended John (best road builder ever) who recommended Arturo (best concrete guy) who recommended Beto (best brando erector) who recommended Lupe (best framer/ sheet rocker)…. You get the picture (Our plumber Dusty is wonderful too).  If you get the right people on the project, it will go smoothly.  We were told that the 2 semis probably couldn’t make it up the hill and would have to drop the metal building off at the front of the property line.  Imagine our surprise when we pull up and the 2 semis we half way up the hill!  They made it happen!!! (We still will write a blog in a month or so with details of the right people we got on the bus). There is a super sweet lady named Agustina (Tina) Salas from BMC.  She helped us get a huge window (over our front door) ordered quickly.  She was wonderful.  We got the best customer service from her!

#10.  It Takes A Village

IMG_8547We have been SOOO HUMBLED BY our friends, family, and strangers who are excited about our project!!!!!







The girls watching a movie in Lowes while we pick out appliances.


We plan on making the front look like a red barn.  We are going to add white barn like trim.  Here are some inspiration photos.


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