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We Are All In This Together

We Are All In This Togethertati 1

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I get to the point where it is too depressing to turn on the tv.  The world seems to be getting crazier as time goes on.

I have to constantly remind myself that no, more people in the world are good than bad.  There are so many amazing people out there.

This past weekend, I was reminded that YES!  MOST people in this world are amazing.

 Back story:

I am a part of a freezer meal group that consists of about ten ladies.  Each month we make around ten of the same meals and then meet with our other members and switch.  This makes it easy for our families to have a variety of meals with the convenience of the freezer.

Our group has become very close over the past few years and we consider each other a “second family.”

Last month, one of our members, Nicole, shared a post asking for prayers.  A friend of hers from their gymnastics family had a daughter who almost died in a pool accident.  Two and a half year old Tatiana was in a floatation device and accidently got out of it.  She suffered brain damage from the accident.


Our freezer group ladies told Nicole that we would definitely be praying for Tati and her family.  We found out that the Chang family also goes to the same church that many of us go to, Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church.  We would pray for this family.


This could have happened to any of us.  It especially hit a cord with Corrin and I because it almost happened to our family.

Fast forward:

A few weeks ago, there was a story all over the news about a three year old named Eden who suffered a similar incident as Tati.  She received a groundbreaking treatment in New Orleans and she is now almost back to normal.  You have to read her story because it is unbelievable.

The story was ALL over the news.  Our freezer meal girls read the story and immediately told Nicole “Tati’s family HAS to go to New Orleans and receive the same treatment!  She has to!”

Nicole assured us that the family knew about Eden and they were doing everything they could to get their daughter to Eden’s doctor.

Our freezer meal ladies then said “Let’s have a spaghetti dinner for the family!  We are a cooking club!  We can do this!”


We found out that Tati was going to New Orleans!!!!!!!

We also found out that the treatments she would be receiving would not be covered by insurance.

tati 6

The freezer meal ladies could only imagine the crazy costs this sweet family was about to incur because they were going to do anything to get their child better.  We would all be in the same boat.  We don’t care what we would have to do, we just want our child to have the best treatment to get better.


We decided that we would buy the supplies for a spaghetti dinner (spaghetti is cheap).  We would not charge per plate but tell people that if they wanted to come, they could make a donation to the family.  100 percent would go to the family!  We suggested that they donate what they would spend on a Friday or Saturday night going out to eat.

We made the invite and sent it out.

Guess what?

Within a day of sending out the invite, we had over a hundred people saying they were coming to our benefit.  Then more people signed up.


The freezer meal ladies got together and decided that this event may end up being a little bigger than we expected (a wonderful problem.)

Our husbands assured us that they could handle it and would be cooking the spaghetti.

Many people who said they were coming asked if they could bring something for the dinner.  We decided to create a signup genius for supplies since the event was getting so big.



Once we got over three hundred people coming to the event, we decided that we should do a silent auction.

Then what?

Wow.  The most humbling thing ever.  We had SOOO many people sign up to help.  Not only did they want to come to the benefit and donate money for the meal, they wanted to drop off things for the benefit.

There are no words to describe how generous people are.  No words.

People dropped off items to my house for over a week.  We had several people and companies donate things for the silent auction.  Everyone was praying for Tati and her treatment!

Tati was transported to New Orleans and started her treatment.

tati 7

The event continued to grow.  Someone suggested that we share the spaghetti dinner event on the Prayers For Tati Facebook page.  We talked about it and honestly got scared because we were worried that we were not equipped for a crazy amount of people.  Again, this is a wonderful problem.  Our husbands said that they thought they could handle 500 people.

My mom came into town and decided that she wanted to stay for an extra week.  We told my mom about Tati and the spaghetti dinner that our freezer meal group was putting on for the family.  My mom got excited and declared that she was going to make the spaghetti sauce.

Anyone that knows my mom knows that she doesn’t just do anything simple.  It has to be big.  She insisted on not only making the sauce, but paying for the supplies.  We were going to keep the sauce simple but she insisted that it had to have mushrooms, and bell peppers, and wine, and garlic, and fresh onions….and …..well you get the picture.  My mom loves cooking and this was something that brought her great joy.

For two days she made the spaghetti sauce.  At some point, we realized that half of the sauce accidentally burnt.  My mom was devastated.


Right before we knew that half the sauce was ruined, my very generous neighbor Kirk and his wife Renee messaged me that they had meat they could donate from a large cow they bought.  I thanked them but said we were good.  Two hours later, I messaged Kirk and Renee and told them that we would love the ground meat they offered before because half of the sauce was accidentally burned.  Kirk ran the meat over.  This is how the entire community was about this benefit.  Most of us did not know the family but we could all picture ourselves being them.  This could be anyone of us.  We were all in this together.  This life….We are all in this together.  Something happens to your neighbors family, you help them.  Something happens to your family, your neighbors get together and help you.  We are all in this together.

Yes, God really does exists

The freezer meal girls all took on different jobs for the event.  We were excited as more people signed up and said how excited they were for the event.

My sweet neighbor across the street volunteered to play for the benefit.  Their band, The Jam PAC said they would love to play.


Sidenote:  The Jam PAC is awesome!  They are very talented and can play all kinds of music. The crowd loved them and enjoyed all of their music!   I think they should play at the Boardwalk because they are great.

I was upstairs printing out stuff the day before the benefit and my computer kept freezing up on me.  At one of the moments where I had to restart it, I sat on my couch and just reflected on everything.  I looked over and saw a Bible.  I grabbed the Bible and decided that I was just going to open it up and read a passage.  I asked God to give me a sign.  I know this was selfish of me to ask but I asked.  I randomly opened the Bible and opened to Isaiah 41:6.  Here is what it said “Everyone helped his neighbor, and said to his brother, be of good courage!”  So the craftsman encouraged the goldsmith; He who smooths with the hammer inspired him who strikes the anvil, saying it is ready for soldering; Then he fasted it with pegs.”

What?  I don’t believe in coincidences.  I don’t.  The chances of me randomly opening the Bible and reading that passage at that moment and it just being a coincidence did not happen.  God was reassuring us.  We must all help each other.  It just made me excited and positive.

The Benefit


No words can describe our Cypress, Texas community.  This wasn’t a Towne Lake thing.  This was a Cypress, Texas community event.  The people of Cypress (and other places) came together to help this sweet family.

Our freezer meal group ladies decided that this wasn’t just about raising money for the family.  Yes, the benefit was to help with the crazy costs of the medical and all of the other stuff the family was incurring to get their sweet baby the best care possible.  However, we decided that the even bigger purpose of the event was the the emotional and spiritual support for this family.

tati 4

The turnout for the benefit was so amazing.  We had around 400 people come out and eat spaghetti.  The girls collecting the money at the door could not get over the generosity of people.  People were so amazing and generous.  I’m so proud to be friends with my freezer meal ladies.  They were amazing.  I’m so humbled by the generosity of our community (you know who you are if you are reading this.  The people who dropped off stuff, donated things to the silent auction, came to the benefit, prayed for Tati and her family…..all of you.  You are amazing.  (…Plus a shout out to the moms…….Ashlee’s mom worked her tail off and got several donations…..Amy and Kim’s mom worked all day long on the auction stuff.  We love our moms…)

A huge shout out to all of the volunteers that showed up to help serve, cook, etc.  You are amazing.

tati 2

Clean up

Anyone who has ever put on an event knows that the clean up is the hardest part.  The event ended around 9 PM and I cannot tell you how my heart melted when several of our neighbors came out with their trucks to help us clean up and return tables and collect all of the garbage that we had to take with us.  YOU ARE AWESOME.  You know who you are and all of the clean up people are amazing.

tati 3

My husband and I went home on Friday night with big smiles on our faces.  Our community is wonderful.  We are not special.  There are people all over the world just like the people in our community.  People in general are amazing.

The next day we drove to Lubbock to bring my daughter to Texas Tech.  We talked about the benefit and how amazing people are.  My daughter and others asked how Tati is doing.  I didn’t really know what to say.  I know she is doing the hyperbaric oxygen therapy but everyone is still praying that it is helping.

On Sunday, we returned to Cypress and there was a posting from the family on the Prayers for Tati Facebook page (If you haven’t liked it, go and check it out).  There was a video of Tati posted that made me cry.  You have to go and watch the video of her lifting her head.  The prayers are working.  I believe that the treatments are working.

What does this mean?

Don’t tell God how big your storm is.  Tell the storm how big your God is!

Please pray.  Please pray for Tati and for the Chang family.  Please pray for all families going through this right now.

Several people have asked how they can help?

  1. Pray
  2. If you would like to help to offset these crazy costs that the family is incurring, you can go to the website (www.prayersfortati.com) and donate.

In conclusion

We are all in this together.  My heart is  full by the love that our community has shown for a family that most of them has never met.  This could be any of us.

I have to include a list of the generous buisneeses that donated to the Silent/ raffle auctions so that you guys will show them some love!

  1. Kirk and Renee Head:  Blackstone Steel
  2. Lip Sense: Sara Kovar
  3. Cure the Chaos: Reagan Phillips
  4. Designs All Mine: Amy Klafka
  5. Hair by Liz: Liz Day
  6. Taren Marie Photography
  7. Pilates By Heather
  8. The Cheese Bar
  9. Wine Styles: Tracy and Steven Young
  10. The Boardwalk
  11. K2
  12. The Genesis Reading Program
  13. Evie Mae Photography: Claire Brown
  14. Epic Auto: Mincy and Scott Montgomery
  15. Orange Theory
  16. Rischman Photography
  17. Ballet and Pilates by Victoria
  18. Cindy Schoeller: Discovery Toys
  19. Torkay Event Services
  20. The JAM PAC band
  21. Roxanne S.
  22. All bread donated by Kurz & Co








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