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Round Top Rookies: Exploring Texas’ Antiques Extravaganza In A Day

IMG_5881For years we have heard about “Round Top” and knew it had something to do with antiques.  A couple months ago we met a couple who were setting up shop for the first time at the antiques fair.  When we mentioned we were building a Barndominium 18 miles from Round Top, they said we should rent it out twice a year during the antiques fair.  

IMG_5702.JPGA few days ago our friend Amy said that the bi-annual antiques fair just started and that we should check it out.  

We decided that we would drop our older kids off at the bus around 8:15, take the littles with us, and then be back in time to get the kids off at the bus around 4:15.  (The fair is about 60 miles from our homes in Cypress, Texas).  For any of you Round Top Regulars, you can appreciate that this is a very ambitious plan.  

17553966_10210256657866354_2611653857672890604_n.jpgI emailed my Aunt Maria (she lives in Shreveport and has been to Round Top many times over the past 8 years).  

Me, “Aunt Maria, I know you have been to Round Top a ton of times.  We are going for the day.  What are your tips?”

Aunt Maria, “I’ve got soo much to tell you!!!! You are arriving on the first day of the Marburger show.  There will be tons of traffic. You have to go for at least 3 days!!!!!”

She gave us a ton of advice for going for one day only.  She said to pick up a free copy of The Show Daily to find out information about the shows and locations! 

Me, “Thank you!!!”

IMG_5703 2It was at this point that I realized that I really didn’t understand what Round Top was.  In my mind it was similar to Canton, Texas (they are known for having the largest flea market).

round top.jpgWhat is Round Top? (old picture, population is now 90)

Round Top is a small city about an hour west of Houston.  They have a population of 90 people and are known for their antiques extravaganza held twice a year (late Sept/early Oct and late March/early April).  When people say they are going to “Round Top” during these two times of year, this is what they really mean: 

I am going to :

Round Top, Warrenton, Shelby, Fayetteville, Carmine, or Burton 

For the purpose of:

Going to one of the many shows (tents, pastures, buildings)

That sell:

Antiques, replicas, new stuff, old stuff, junk, treasures, funny stuff, expensive items, European items, etc.  You name it, they have it.  

IMG_5704.JPGThe 9 of us (5 adults, 4 kids) headed a few miles past Round Top and parked in Warrenton near Zapp Hall & Field.  We were told this was a good one (show) because of the variety and the ease of getting in and out.  We stayed around 4 hours and were pleased with what we acquired (goods, knowledge, etc).

Anna was thoughtful and packed us pre-shopping mimosas!


What did we buy?

We got a variety of COOL STUFF!!!!! Amy scored cute earrings, burlap sacs for outdoor sac races, and a wooden decorative ladder.  Anna purchased 2 steins ($7.50 each), a stack of vintage bingo cards ($15.00), and a wooden ladder.  Christa and I bought a stuffed dear head ($120.00) that we want to hang in the barndo and decorate at holidays, a vintage Possum belly cabinet ($85.00), wooden toy box ($60.00), wooden bowls, and burlap sacs. 










What did we like about our experience?

  • The variety of items and price points (new, old, unique, cheap, midrange, expensive)
  • Overall we felt the prices (where we were ) were VERY reasonable. 
  • Ease of getting around
  • How nice the vendors were (just good people). Everyone was very personable and friendly. 
  • Houston is so close!

What would we do differently?

  • Next time we won’t bring kids (they were good, but we want more freedom to shop!)
  • We will go for longer!  4 hours is NOTHING….you need so much more time to be able to see a fraction of what is offered. 
  • Next year we will spend a few nights at the barndo so that we can maximize shopping time

Here are my Aunt Maria’s favorites and tips!

  • Zapp Hall, Bar W, Bill Moore’s The Chicken Ranch, LaBahia, All the places in Warrantor, Excess I
  • Bring lots of cash and a large SUV or trailer, drink lots of water, most dealers are open by 9 AM (best time to shop), make reservations to eat at Royers Cafe, and wear comfortable shoes!!!!

IMG_5889.jpgSo there you have it, our very short day at a wonderful place.  For those of you who have been going for years, what are your tips?  

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    September 27, 2017 at 11:29 am

    That’s sounds like a ton of fun!! Sounds like your mom and I need to go next time!!!

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