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12 Armadillos Part 8: Work, Work, Work


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Since the road has been built, we have seen progress.   Here are some of the funny things we have learned!!

#1.  If you want a sexy tan, pick up garbage for hours at a time and install a landscaping edge that you don’t understand.

For weeks Christa and I have had people say how good our tan looks.  We laugh and look at each other with the knowledge that these “awesome tans” are nothing more than “farmer” tans. 

#2.  Believe it or not, the more disgusting your porta potty, the better.  It dawned on us today that when our porta potty is pristine, we have few workers.  Today it was disgusting, but we had about 10 people working. 

#3.  Just when you think you know someone, you find out something new.  For the 11 years Dave and I have been married he has never been handy.  Ever since he decided he wanted to teach himself woodworking, he has turned into a Ninja.  So far he has built a picnic table, a barn door, 10 shutters, and a dart board cabinet.  He keeps warning that he has to be allowed to do fun projects (dart board cabinets) in the middle of boring projects (shutters) or he will get bored and quit. 


#4.  Sleepovers are fun and will be even more fun when we have indoor air-conditioning and plumbing. We spent a Friday night at the Barndo so that we could wake up early the next day and work.  





#5. People will give you looks when you give your 4 year olds Pepsis and M&Ms at 10 AM in the morning.  You tell these “judgers”  that you never do this (even though you have done it at least once a week for the last few months).  When the girls have been patient for over an hour in Home Depot, we are hoping we can bide a few more minutes!



#6. Don’t beat yourself up over expensive mistakes.  Corrin was trying to back the trailer into the driveway (this is so hard) when she busted her taillight.  She was shocked when she found out this mistake was going to cost her $600. She thought this would be the worst thing that happened.  Unfortunately after working all day today, she realized her diamond in her wedding ring was gone.  It fell out of the setting (probably from loading tile into the barndo).  She and Dave are both relieved that they had it insured.


#7.  Make sure to give your hubby a little extra love for not going psycho when you turn your home and garage into a “temporary” hoarding zone.  Christa and I thought it would be a great idea to combine our year’s worth of “collecting odds and ends” and store them in my dining room, study, and guest room.  The garage is still packed with stuff!!!!




#8.  Know that you need a make-over when your friends are used to seeing you and your twin sister, covered in paint, no make-up, and pulling a trailer full of something and don’t blink an eye.  





#9.  Boy,  the trailer really comes in handy.  People look at us like we are crazy when we show up somewhere (usually Home Depot or Lowes) and say that we need to pick up….fill in the blank….7 toilets, 13 ceiling fans, 20 doors, etc. 


#10.  Smile when a contractor asks you if you are adding extra things because the workers saw you putting black marks on the windows. 

No, we aren’t adding extra work.  However, we are blessed with our wonderful friend Marina who traveled with Christa the other day to see the barndo.  She helped bless the house by writing wonderful (and meaningful) Bible verses on the structure before it was sheet rocked.  The black marks are actually crosses that were put under each window and each door.  God is at the center of our lives and the number one goal of the barndo was to serve as a place where family and friends could gather and be surrounded by love.







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#11.  Embrace your strengths

Dave is working like crazy with his woodworking, Brad is figuring out to build a structure surrounding the bees, and Corrin is still afraid of communicating with anyone and still insists on being the driver.  Christa now has  the “boss” title.  The four went to the bank to set up a business account for the LLC they set up because they now have their condo and barndo that the two family’s jointly own and take care of.  The banker said that one person had to be designated as the “boss” and the other three (even though they are equal owners), would be “employees.”  Dave pushed for Christa to be the “boss” in case anything ever went wrong, Christa would have to be the one to go to jail.  Christa is the “doer” and in charge of sorting everything out.

12.  Sometimes you can’t listen to Dave or Brad

Dave “We are not doing closets in the bedrooms.  We will save space and do armoires.”

Our friend Jeff “That is a terrible idea.  You HAVE to do closets for the bedrooms.”

Christa “Lupe, can you PLEASE add closets?”

Brad “I am so glad we didn’t listen to Dave and got closets built in each bedroom.”

Scott and Jeff “You need a kids bunk room and their own game room so they have their own space.”

Brad and Dave “We don’t need that.”

Brad and Dave now “We are so glad we included the game room and kid’s bunk room.  (and space upstairs to finish out one day if we want to)


13. People are VERY NICE and GENEROUS.  It is amazing to see how sweet people are. We have soooo many neat things for our barndo from our friends.  We are also thankful for our super sweet neighbors Kelcie and Kenny!  They have helped us out so much!!!!  We are sad we couldn’t help them out when their tractor got stuck!  (Country life!  Sooooo fun!)


14. Just have fun! 

This experience has been VERY educational. Some days have been stressful and we have worked our tails off.  We have made several mistakes but ultimately people have been soooo nice and very helpful. Other days are lots of fun! Today we picked out the tile for the bathrooms that will start tomorrow!!!!!

barndo 2


PicMonkey Image_1








Our question for you:  What should we do in the last month as we finish this barndo?

More pictures (BTW:  The porch and house are not done:))) This is just how it is right now:)  It will look different when it is all done:)




























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