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New Year, New Post! Back To Blogging!

25398978_10208453542575383_6337863243566064067_nChrista and I love blogging, but it seems like we just don’t have enough hours in the day to blog as much lately. Now that the barndo is finished, we are back writing blogs!  Today’s blog focuses on a few things we are currently obsessed with!!

1024px-Podcasting_icon.svg#1.  Podcasts!!!! GAME CHANGER for riding in the car or working out!  Do you Netflix binge a show?  Guess, what?  You will podcast binge a few of these. If you ever have to be in the car for long periods of time, this will change your commute! The fact that they are free just makes them even better!

There are two types:  #1.  Series that tells a story that you will likely be sucked into binging     #2.  Genre Podcast that focuses on a different topic each episodes.  

Here are the ones we highly recommend

stown.jpgSeries Binge Podcasts:

  1. S Town 
  2. Dirty John

podPicMonkey Collage.jpgGenre Short Podcasts:

  •  How I Built This With Guy Raz:  NPR’s Guy Raz interviews successful entrepreneurs.  It is interesting to hear their stories and gain tips on what they did to become successful.  Some of our favorites include Kendra Scott, Sam Adams, 5 Guys Burgers, Chipotle, Bumble, and Airbnb. 
  • Casefile:  This can be compared to watching the ID Channel.
  •  Locked Up Abroad
  • Planet Money: These 15 minute NPR podcasts delve into interesting topics.  If you liked the books Freakonomics and Naked Economics, you will enjoy Planet Money.  Some of our favorites include Bagging the Birkin, Flood Money, Walmart’s Pickle, The Santa Suit, and The M&M Anomaly.

These podcasts are free on the iPhone (and I am assuming on other types of phones).  All you have to do it open your podcast app (comes standard on the IPHONE).  Click on the bottom browse button to click on top charts or to search manually. 

epic.jpeg#2.  Books (Audio books)

American Kingpin:  The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mind Behind the Silk Road– This non-fiction book is SOOOOO good!  It tells the story behind a 27 year old guy from Austin, Texas who started the Amazon of drugs.  Every agency in the US tried to figure out who he was, and the story tells how he ultimately was caught! 

Same Kind of Different As Me:  This true story was recently made into a movie.  It too is so good!  It tells about the unlikely friendship between a successful affluent couple from Dallas, Texas and an older African American homeless man. Such a beautiful, spiritual story.

50496808.jpeg#3.  Sous Vide:  WE LOVE LOVE LOVE this cooking accessory.  Our friends Lindsey and Andy have been talking about this for over a year.  They kept saying they wanted to cook for us using the Sous Vide so we could see what all the hype was. I bought Dave one for Christmas and we use it all of the time!!! 


What is a Sous Vide? It is a cooking instrument (previously mainly used by high end restaurants)  that allows you to set precise temperatures to cook cuts of meat and fish to your desired preference (rare, medium rare, well done). 

Is it hard to use?  No!!!! It is so simple.  You fill up container (pot, cooler, etc) with warm water and attach the Sous Vide.  You set the temperature based on what you are cooking.  You decide the length of time based on how you like your protein to be cooked. You place the food in a bag (ziploc is fine).  Finish by searing, grilling, or broiling the food to add a crispy, golden exterior layer.  We copied our friends and bought a blow torch from Home Depot to finish our steaks/seafood! 


How much does it cost?  I paid $150 at Target, but I have seen them on Amazon for a lot less.  

Is it really worth the hype?  Yes, yes, and yes!!!! Our home cooked  steaks and seafood never tasted quite as good as the restaurant.  Now they do!  I keep telling Lindsey that I wish I would have bought this tool a year ago.  Once you buy one, you will be addicted! 

How does it compare to other cooking appliance you have?  I would have to rank it higher than the Instapot and Air Fryer.  It just makes it easier to stay home and save money because the taste of the food is elevated to restaurant quality. 

primary_ee8cb537-cd16-4e8a-8f39-aeff741b25cc.jpeg#4.  Cucumber Melon Seltzer Water:  This is so good and so refreshing.  I found the Simple Truth Organic brand at Kroger.  I also made a very tasty skinny jalapeño margarita using it as an ingredient!


Skinny Cucumber Melon Jalapeno Margarita

1 shot tequila

2 shots of the cucumber melon seltzer water

2 packets of stevia

3 small limes

few slices of fresh jalapeño 


Shake together and enjoy! 

Our question for you, what are YOU obsessed with?

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