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How A Mop Changed My Life!

new 71Y3QHD0vHL._SL1500_.jpgOk, I know this title sounds very dramatic, but I can’t tell you how much I LOVE MY NEW MOP!!!!

If most of you are like myself, you aren’t a fan of moping your floors.  People are getting rid of traditional carpeting and replacing it with tile and wooden floors.  That means that you have less to vacuum and more to mop.  

newIMG_1202.jpgOur barndo has 4000 sq. ft of wooden tile that must be routinely mopped.  When we were in the throws of getting it finished, Christa was busy doing stuff I don’t know how to do (hanging curtains, shelves, decorating) and so I delegated myself the mopper.  At first it was such a PAIN!!!! It took forever.  I finally broke down and bought one of those yellow roll buckets that has a wringer from Home Depot.  That helped some, but mopping still took forever.  

086876222111.jpgFast forward to when we hired a very sweet lady to come clean the barndo after every rental.  We asked her if there was anything specifically that we needed to buy.  She replied that we needed an industrial mop.  

71Y3QHD0vHL._SL1500_I went on Amazon scared to find out how much an industrial mop costs.  Imagine  my surprise to find out the price was only $36.95.  I know this might seem steep, but trust me, you will LOVE it! Here is the link for the one I purchased (I’m not making any money to say how much I love this mop). 

The one I ordered was an Industrial Strength Premium Looped 24 ounce Commercial Mop Head with Aluminum Extension Handle and Flip Grip Clamp.  

Y’all, this mop is a GAME CHANGER!!!! The first time I mopped the barndo with the new mop, it cut down my mopping time from an hour to about 15 minutes!!!!! You never realize how much adding a bigger mop head will cut down on time!  I love that the mop his heavy duty, light weight, and fast!  I loved it so much that I ordered another one for my home.  

If you go on Amazon, they have lots of industrial mops of all prices.  I recommend the one I bought, only because it is the only one I have tried.  

My question for you, do most people already own industrial mops and I am just behind?

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