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Walmart décor is going to change your life!


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When someone mentions Walmart, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Love it?

Hate it?

You think people who shop there shop mainly in their pjs?

You would rather be at Target…….

I’m not going to lie.  One day Will missed his bus and needed me to bring him to school.  After I dropped him off, I realized I needed to go to the store.  I had slippers on and knew the only store I could go to was Walmart.

Corrin and I were trying to maximize our money with our last project.   We LOVE Target but we needed to get some neat things at a good cost.  Imagine our surprise when we found several things at Walmart!!!!!!  We learned that many of these things purchased can only be purchased online and our distributed through sites that we have all heard (ex: Hayneedle)

Here are some of the things we bought!  I think the pool table is probably the best purchase.  We use it all of the time!














My friend Laura just redecorated her daughter’s room.  She bought the chandelier and curtains from Walmart!  The room turned out beautiful!





28233498_10214652940493898_943010243_n (2)




Here are a few tips:

  1. Read the reviews before you purchase.  We only bought items that had great reviews!
  2. Make sure you realize that bigger items may require special delivery instructions.  I had a delivery from Houston have to make an appointment with me to deliver one of the sofas.  We had to bring our trailer to the Brenham Walmart to pick up the pool table.  It was SOOOOO heavy.
  3. Contact customer support if you have problems.  One of my retro green chairs didn’t arrive with the others so they immediately sent me another one!
  4. Know that it may be a pain to return something that is big that doesn’t work.



The only problem we had was with this vanity. I thought it was the entire vanity (stupid of me…double bathroom vanities start at about $1000).  The vanity arrived but it was just the top and it weighed a million pounds.  I thought it was for the entire thing and then I looked back on my purchase.  Nope, just for the top.  Corrin and I got the guys to load it on our trailer and we brought it back to the Brenham Walmart.  They wouldn’t take it.  We would have to contact customer service and make arrangements.  In the mist of getting everything together, Brad moved it and broke it in a million pieces.  Yikes!!!  That was one of our million expensive mistakes.

My question for you is this:  What awesome item have you purchased from Walmart? (We bought a lot from Target and Aldi too so maybe that will be a future blog)















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