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34 Days Until 40!!! Things I Am Obsessed With To Keep My Mind Off The Fact That I Am Hungry And Sore!

pinkChrista and I have been hitting it hard as our 40th birthday creeps up on us (34 days!!!!).  We are glad that our birthday is at the end of April because we are headed in the right direction in time for the summer.  I try and stay busy so that I’m not obsessed by how hungry I am and how much pain I’m in from working out so much.  

Here are a few things I have been obsessed with lately.  

peanut#1. Peanut Butter Powder, Low Carb Chocolate Shakes, and Larabars

Y’all, I LOVE a good chocolate and peanut butter shake. The problem is that you can find a low calorie powder (Slim Fast, etc), but once you scoop one or two tablespoons of peanut butter, you have blown it.  Imagine my delight when I discovered PEANUT BUTTER POWDER.  It gives you that peanut butter taste, with only 50 calories for 2 tablespoons.  I love pouring a low carb chocolate shake (my favorite is Advant Edge), peanut butter powder, and ice in my blender to make the perfect shake.  Also, if you are looking for a quick snack that is not loaded with garbage, check out Larabar.  They are so good and made from natural ingredients.  Guy Raz interviewed the creator of Larabar on his How I Built This Podcast. 

Homeland#2. HOMELAND

This is probably my favorite show of all time!  Showtime just came out with it’s 7th season.  For those of you who watch it, you get why I love it so much!!!!

stitchfix.jpg#3. Stitch Fix’s New Pricing Structure

I hate shopping.  For the past few years I have ordered Stitch Fix boxes.  The premise is that you fill out a style profile and then they send you a box with 5 items.  You pay a $20.00 styling fee per box that is applied to any item you keep.  If you keep all 5 items you receive an additional 25% off of the entire box.  Here is my only problem.  Some boxes would come and I wasn’t in love with any one item.  But, I didn’t want to lose out on $20.00, so I would keep something that I may like ok.  This is why I stopped ordering Stitch Fix boxes.  I am now back on board after they have offered a new incentive.  You can pay a once a year $40.00 styling fee (that will be put toward anything you buy) and then for the next 12 months you can receive fixes every 2-3 weeks and not have to keep anything.  I love this.  Dave even tried Stitch Fix and bought a cool pair of jeans that he won’t stop wearing.  If you want to try it out, I would love for you to use my link! 

me#4. Meal Kits

Do you get stressed about meal planning, cooking, and shopping for food?  Does it bother you that you buy too much food and then have to throw it away because it has gone bad?  I listened to a Planet Money Podcast called The Produce Show that said the reason Americans waste so much food is because our food is too cheap.  We don’t feel too bad when we throw away rotten bananas or bad lettuce because it is so inexpensive.  Easy to assemble meal kits seem to be providing a solution to this problem.  Our sweet friend Maura recently started working for one of these great companies called Hello Fresh.  They are so convenient because they send the kits straight to your door! If you want to try it out go to the Hello Fresh website and type in the code HOU001RES for a discount. If a home delivery service is not in your budget, HEB has started selling their kits in their stores!  I have tried a few of them and they are awesome.  I save money by not having to buy a million new ingredients and my kids love the taste.

shoe#5. Walmart Shoes

Walmart has stepped up their game!!!!! Remember how Target has always been a cool place to shop and Walmart, not so much?  Well, times have CHANGED!  This past fall I bought a cute pair of ankle boots at the Brenham Walmart.  I swear, every time I wear them I have at least one or two people tell me how much they love my shoes.  Am I weird that I love telling people when I find great stuff at Walmart, the Goodwill, or other discount stores? This past weekend Christa ran to the Brenham Walmart to pick up a few supplies.  She called me freaking out about how CUTE the new shoes were at Walmart.  She picked me up a few pairs and I can’t get over how comfortable and cute they are.  They remind me of the Sperry Shoes I wear daily.  

TheSkellyTwins-box#6 . Date Boxes

I blogged about date boxes over a year ago.  Dave and I tried several different companies and had a great time.  Here is the first blog and here is the blog where I compared different date box companies.  We stopped ordering them when he started working longer hours and it was harder to have a date at 8 or 9 .  One of the companies, Unbox Love (my favorite) let me do a referral code to earn date boxes for people that read the blog and deiced to sign up.  Over the past 4 or 5 months I have received quite a few notices that someone has tried a box.  I started talking to Dave and said I wanted to start ordering a few again.  What I love about them is that they come to your house and it forces you to put aside time for a date.  Date night at home makes the most sense for us right now because our kids are small.  The morning of our planned date, we make a big deal with the kids about it being date night.  This helps for when we boot them upstairs for them to not come down every 5 seconds.  Also, I  read newlyweds saying how much fun they loved this when people bought a few months as a wedding gift.  I think this would actually be a great birthday gift or Christmas gift for someone who has everything.  How fun would it be to buy our parents date boxes? I bet they would LOVE it! 

My question for you, WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH that I should know about?







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