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Chin Up Buttercup: You Are Not Too Good To Do Anything!


I want to admit that I feel like that I am completely failing my children. Growing up, my parents instilled in us a major work ethic. My parents were ALWAYS working. My dad was working at his formal job and my mom was always tearing down walls and building new things.  Being lazy was not allowed in our household.  My kids are not lazy but they are apart of this generation that we have created.  We don’t make them do hard physical labor like we should (I am guilty of this).  My son mows our lawn with a self-propelled mower.

 Garbage and Hair

 Corrin and I have never been fancy girls who were not willing to get dirty. Our husbands would never let us be fancy girls even if it was in our blood. They both work really hard and if we spend all of our money, the guys will be working into their older age. We actually have so much fun with them and want them to retire sooner than later so we have to be thrifty when we can. Some people brag about spending a lot of money on things. Corrin and I brag about not spending money on things. We love getting a good deal. This is why we are a little obsessed with Aldi.

 With our jobs as project managers over and our new job managing the barndo, we have had to do whatever we needed to do. There are two things that have been eye opening, garbage and hair.


 We tried to get a garbage dumpster for our building project but by the time we realized that we needed one, they were all gone because of Hurricane Harvey. We were the dumpster girls and had to haul away every single piece of garbage from our building project. We hauled away and disposed of all of the drywall, extra wood, tile pieces, etc…Sometimes the garbage was a mud  pit.  We loaded up all of the trash and hauled it to the dump which is just a disgusting place. You get used to the horrible smell. Corrin and I got so used to being the garbage people that when we started renting out our place, we just assumed we would have to haul away everyone’s garbage.   This was the dumbest idea ever. After a few months, we decided that there had to be a better option.


Our sweet neighbor told us that we could rent a dumpster and they would come to dump it two times a month. This was a game changer! We got our little dumpster delivered and it is AMAZING!!!!!!! Now all of the barndo garbage does not have to be transported by The Skelly Twins and can be thrown in the dumpster!!! This is one of the best gifts!!!!! If you asked me if I would like a new car or a dumpster, hands down I will choose a dumpster!

 30629802_10215103026025755_8889081722751156224_n (2)

2) Hair:

 You have no idea how important hair (or the shedding of) is until you start cleaning bathrooms and bedding for others. People are super hairy. They shed every type of hair all over the place (shower, toilet, bed, etc).  Corrin and I even went on youtube and watched videos on how to deal with pubic hair in the bathroom. (Yes we did…you read that correctly)   We wanted to know how hotel people remove all of these hairs so easily! We don’t even think about hair in our own homes.  If you are making sure a bathroom is perfect, you soon understand that hair does matter! If you go and rent a place, you will be grossed out to see a hair in the bathroom that is not yours. Welcome to our world. It is EVERYWHERE! After realizing how important the shedding of hair was, we went out and bought extra tools to help the cleaning crew (and us because we are sometimes the cleaning crew) for this hair removal.



 Corrin and I have deep cleaned the barndo a million times and you have cleaned up a million hairs. If dealing with other people’s hairs grosses you out, you should not be in the barndo business. We are over it and it is have gotten used to the hair.


In conclusion, if you are a princess, you really need to marry a prince because if you end up marrying two Texas boys who work really hard, they will expect you to get in that garbage dump and clean up that hair!  We can think of a million things that our worse so we can’t complain!

 When it is all said and done, we are SOOOO grateful for Linda, Greg, Marsha, Tim, Karen and Rich.  They all taught us the value of living under our means and not being “too good” to do some of the GROSSEST stuff we can’t even tell you guys about.

 This summer my kids will be earning extra money doing things they may not enjoy.   If they start to give me dirty looks, I will remind them  “Chin up buttercup…you are not too good for anything.”

  I have two questions for you:  1) What is the hardest job you have ever had?  2) What kind of jobs should my kids do this summer that will help build grit?


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    April 11, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Love your blogs! You are doing a wonderful job teaching your kids about work ethic. You don’t care if your kids say “I don’t want to.”
    Many parents today are raising lazy kids which is so sad.

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