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Chin up Buttercup! Guess what? You aren’t too good to do anything?

I want to admit that sometimes I feel like I am completely failing my kids.  I worry all of the time because I want them to have grit.  I want them to work hard for things and not just expect to be given everything.  Growing up, my parents instilled in us a major work ethic.  My parents were ALWAYS working (they still are)!  My dad worked at Super 1 Foods while my mom was tearing down walls and building new things.  

I think this is why Corrin and I were not scared to be general contractors and build a house.  People thought we were crazy but somehow we knew that we could figure it out.

Garbage and Hair

Corrin an I have had a million conversations in the last few months about garbage and hair.  We talk about it all of the time.  

  1. Garbage:  

We tried to get a garbage dumpster for our building project but by the time we realized we needed one, none were available because  Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and the surrounding area hard.  We would have to sort it out with our car and trailer. We were the girls that had to haul away (and put it on the trailer) every piece of garbage from our entire construction project.  Sometimes the garbage was a mud pit with tiny pieces of tile everywhere.  The workers on the jobsite just threw their garbage on the ground. Some of it was very disgusting.  We loaded the garbage and hauled it to the county dump.  We went so many times to the county dump looking very badly that one day Corrin and I had make-up on, the sweet lady didn’t recognize us!    The county dump smells soooooooo bad.  You actually get used to the horrible smell.  

Corrin and I were so used to disposing of everyone’s garbage, we just assumed that this would be part of our new job.  Fast forward to when we started renting the barndo out.  We had to haul away everyone’s garbage. (Y’all,until you have done this, you can’t understand how gross it is).  If the dump was closed, we would have to bring it back to our houses.  This was the dumbest idea ever.  After some very disgusting incidents, we knew that there had to be a better option.  Our sweet neighbor told us that we could rent a dumpster and they would come and service it every two weeks! 

Game changer

This was a complete game changer.  Enough time has passed since Harvey so dumpsters were available!  Houston, WE HAVE A DUMPSTER!  If you asked me if I wanted a brand new car or a dumpster, hands down A DUMPSTER!

2) Hair

You have no idea how important hair (or the shedding of) hair is until the cleaning of it is part of your new business.  People are super hairy.  People with black hair are the hairiest people on this earth (sorry friends).  They shed every type of hair all over the place (shower, toilet, bed, etc).  Corrin and I made sure that all of our bedding were duvet covers so every single linen can be washed after each person.  We will wash the bedding on the sanitation setting, dry it, and THERE WILL STILL be rogue hairs floating around!!!! Corrin and I have watched several youtube videos on pubic hair.  (Sorry for the TMI).  Pubic hair is a real problem in the hotel business.  People shed so you have to make sure EVERY hair is gone.  Welcome to our world!  We went out and bought all of the tools suggested on youtube for the removal of this hair for our cleaning lady (and us because we have cleaned the barndo a million times and it is always the same thing).  If cleaning other people’s hairs grosses you out, you shouldn’t be in the barndo business.  We are over it and it doesn’t bother us at all! 



In conclusion

If you are a princess, you really should marry a prince because if you end up marrying two Texas boys who work really hard, they will expect you to get in that garbage dump and clean up that hair!   We can think of a million things that are worse so we have fun joking/complaining about it!  

When it is all said and done, we are soooo grateful for Linda, Greg, Marsha, Tim, Rich and Karen.  They taught us the value of grit and that we were never too good to do anything, at any point in our lives.  

This summer my kids will be working odd jobs for extra money.  I am sure some of the things they will not enjoy.  If they start to give me dirty looks, I will remind them “Chin up buttercup!  You aren’t too good to do anything!”

I have two questions:

  1. What is the job that you have had that was the hardest?
  2. What kinds of things can I do to help my kids have grit with this generation of kids (and parents)?

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