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We Cut the Cable Cord and are Saving Money!

Big And Bold

Brad and I have heard a lot lately about breaking away from traditional cable plans and getting cable through streaming services online. After much research, we cancelled our Dish TV, sent all of the equipment back, and started our online streaming cable service. Our Dish TV cable bill ran about $147.00 a month.

Brad assured me that he researched and found the best service called Sling. He bought an Amazon Fire stick, signed up for Sling ($50 a month), and downloaded the Sling App. We were all set up. We did not have to sign a contract and could cancel whenever we wanted to.


Brad told me the only downside to Sling was the only local channel we would have would be our local Fox station. I HATED this. I like watching the Today show in the mornings and my local NBC news. I couldn’t even go to ABC or CBS.

After about a month of not really watching TV, I was done. Corrin and my neighbor both ditched their cable tv for Direct TV Now. Their service provides ALL of the local channels, several other good ones (ID Channel, Bravo, HGTV, Food Network, etc). They were also given a free Apple TV (the new one that is around $170.00) by paying for three months at once. Their streaming package costs them $50.00 a month.

Brad finally admitted that Sling was not good and that we needed to sign up for Direct TV Now.


Still confused?

Instead of having cable boxes, you access your cable through the internet. Direct TV Now allows you to have most of the channels you would have in any typical cable plan. We went from our cable being $147.00 a month to $50.00 a month.

My question for you: Who is ready to cut the cable cord too?


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