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Why Crated With Love Is Something You Need!

IMG_7602.pngDo you wish you had more date nights in your life?  Do you have too much going on and don’t have time to go on dates? 

Date boxes delivered to your house provide the PERFECT SOLUTION!!!

**** A group of us are hosting a benefit in our neighborhood for two sweet ladies who are both battling cancer (stage 4 breast cancer and grade 3 brain cancer).  I reached out to Crated With Love and asked if they would be willing to donate something for our event.  WOW!!! Did They EVER!!! I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!! They donated 3 boxes ($60 value), plus 2- 3 month date packages ($120) value, PLUS they are giving $5.00 off every new subscription (use coupon code QUEENOFHEARTS), PLUS they are donating 25% of all sales to the Etheredge and Fowell families!!!!

Last year Dave and I decided that we wanted to start putting date nights on our calendar, but were struggling because he gets home so late from work and we have young kids.  I started researching and found lots of companies that provide this cool service.  I ordered boxes from several companies and wrote a blog about our experience.  One of these companies recently reached out to me and asked if I would want to try their new and improved date box (on them) and give feedback.  I said sure!  Here is my review of Crated With Love.

IMG_7612.pngAs usual, we made a big deal about Tuesday evening being date night.  This makes it easier for the kids to wind down when we are ready to boot them from the living room so we can start our date.  

IMG_7674.JPGOur date box was super cute!  The theme was “I Love You A Sloth”.  It included a Sweetheart Safari guide that explained each step in your date.  I like how Crated With Love provides several different activities in each date box.  

Activity 1:  Our Safari Skills

For this activity we talked about where we are as far as date nights, being romantic, trips we look forward to taking together, and some goals we have for this year.  

IMG_7673.JPGActivity 2:  Lions, Tigers, and Bears

We played a cute game that had different components.  Some were silly and some were sweet.  I liked how one of the components included coming up with compliments about each other.  This may seem cheesy, but sometimes its nice to remember why you like your person.  

IMG_7619 (1).jpgActivity 3:  Jungle River Excursion

For this activity we were given wooden tiles and had to write what we felt were important skills to building a strong relationship. On the other side we wrote words that describe a jungle, but also describe your relationship.  This was fun because it got us talking and comparing our answers.  I could see how some of the answers could get “spicy”.  

IMG_7618 (1).jpgActivity 4:  Our Goals Journal

We picked out 3 relationship goals that we wanted to accomplish each month over the next 6 months.  This was a good activity because it made us realize that we had different ideas and had to come to a compromise that we were both happy with. 

Just when you thought you were finished, Crated With Love provides post date night activities!  I love that we earned a cute badge that goes into a badge collector page.  I also love that we have a cute sloth button that we can take turns hiding.  

IMG_7672.JPGOverall, I was HIGHLY impressed with Crated With Love!  So much so, I have decided to order date boxes for the next 6 months.  At $19.99 a month for a box filled with tons of fun things, I feel like it is a great value.  For less than $120 (you get a discount for signing up for 6 months)  we can have a new “Adventure Themed Date” every month.  They also offer a monthly digital subscription for $1.99 that gives you weekly games and challenges to reconnect. Enter coupon code: QUEENOFHEARTS to save $5.00 and as an added bonus, $25% of sales will be donated to the Etheredge and Fowell families!!!  

Date boxes make so much sense for couples who don’t have the time or energy to go out on a date!  Grab a bottle of wine, put the kids to bed and reconnect.  Some of the activities may seem silly, but overall they provide a chance to have fun and serious conversations.  

So there you have it, my honest review of Crated With Love.  I’m looking forward to the next adventure and earning another badge! My question for you, who is ready to get back to regular date nights?

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