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Saturday Fun Day: Get Your Kids Off Of Their Phones!


This weekend I decided to plan an activity that would force my kids (especially the teens) to get off of their phones. I put them on two teams and they had four activities to complete. The winning team would be the team who won the most challenges.


The challenges

  1. Create a S’mores Station
  2. Appetizer challenge
  3. Write a poem about Farts
  4. Do a blind tasting of food

We started off at the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby. The kids were given $5.00 to spend at the Dollar Tree and $10.00 to spend at Hobby Lobby for supplies for the S’mores Station. Next we went to the grocery store so they could buy supplies for their appetizers. Each team was given $10.00 to spend. The third challenge, the Fart poem, just required a pen and paper.


The kids had a blast! We ended up not having time to do the last blind food tasting challenge. If you decide to do something like this, I suggest doing three activities.

The Products


My question for you is this:  What are some other challenges we can do next time?

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