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Unique Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything!!!

top PicMonkey Image.jpgIn the year 2019 people are starting to get tired of “stuff”.  They don’t want a million things junking up their house.  So what do you do when you want to buy a present for….fill in the blank….wife, mother, daughter, husband, friend, girlfriend, etc. that seems to have everything?  Here is a list of my top 10 recommendations for unique presents that EVERYONE will love!!!

moon#1.Full Moon Dinner (for men and women)  If you live anywhere in the Houston/Austin/College Station vicinity, this dinner experience is a bucket list item.  Chef and Owners Brian and Amanda Light prepare a 9 course outside tasting dinner (BYOB) during full moons.  They are located in Bryan, Texas and own a farm.  The dinner is served on long tables with cool lights (think Parenthood).  Participants are given a tour of the farm.  This is on the top 10 things I have done in my life.  Check it out! Christa and I wrote a blog about our experience! 

13201853154_3708cd8b1f_b.jpg#2.  Ipsy:  (For women) This is such a great gift!!! My friend Carrie told me about a makeup sample subscription service that costs $10.00 a month.  Every month I get a cute package with several sample (often regular size items).  I love this because I get to try a ton of beauty products I would never even know about.  I’m not a makeup girl, but for $120 a year, I get a ton of make up products (makeup brushes, blush, eyeshadows, cancelers, chapstick), etc. They just started a new service that costs $25.00 a month and you are sent 5 full sized items that can be valued at $120.00 .  I ended up upgrading my service because at $300 a year, I am sure that I will use lots of the 60 items I will receive! The idea is that you try the product, love it, and then become a loyal customer. Here is my link and I have no idea what its for…..but if you are going to subscribe, please use it! 

whis.jpg#3. Whisky Glass Set in a Cool Wooden Box: (for men and women)  I LOVE LOVE this product.  There are many reasons why I love it.  First, the product is perfect for the Whisky Lover.  Second, it comes in a great wooden box that is packaged all nicely.  Third, you can’t beat the price ($27.00 on Amazon Prime).  And finally, we are friends with the entrepreneur’s father (Dave Davis).  Dave and Misty are the nicest people ever and when he told us about his son’s product, (my Dave) ordered 2.  Imagine my surprise when they showed up fast (the next day) and then to see how cool it was!!!! It’s the perfect gift for someone who has everything.  My dad is a BIG TIME Whisky drinker.  I’m going to order him a box and then throw in a nice bottle of Whisky as a Father’s Day gift.  Please check it out!  You won’t be sorry for ordering this cool, unique gift! And bonus to support one of the nicest Towne Lake families!!!!

#4. Local Food Tour (men and women):  Dave and I did our first food tour for my 40th birthday in San Miguel (tacos and margarita).  It was so much fun, I have become a little obsessed with them.  We found a fun one in Lafayette, next we did one in Amsterdam, and we recently did one in Nashville.  My sister Michelle heard me go on and on about them and did the best one in Dallas!  Dave and I will do one in Houston because they are so much fun.  Find one near you are or on your next trip….you won’t be disappointed!!! 

cr.png#5.  Crated With Love (men and women):  Y’all, these monthly date boxes sent to your home are SOOO MUCH FUN!!! Guys, buy your lady a 6 month subscription ($120.00) and trust me….every month you and your love will send the kids to bed and have the best time. You probably will even get lucky.  I love this company because they are so reasonable for what you get and they were so generous with donations for the Queens of Heart Benefit.  They have even said that they will still honor the coupon code (QUEENOFHEARTS) which gets you $5.00 off your order). And they wanted to send both ladies Mother’s Day Boxes for free.  Please check out this company and support them! Here is a blog I wrote about the company! 

#6.  Unique gift websites (men and women).  Check out uncommon goods and Think Geek. 

#7.  Dr. Blades (mostly women, but men too).  There is a doctor down the street that has helped lots of us who hit middle age and then everything slows down.  We are working out like crazy, eating right and can’t shed a pound.  My friend Jeanette told me about Dr. Blades and she has been a life saver.  Now, I’m still working out like crazy, eating right, and have lost almost 20 pounds since Thanksgiving (granted I had gained a lot of weight).  My thyroid is now good, I’m gaining muscle, losing fat, and feel better than I have in several years.  She doesn’t take insurance, but she is not crazy expensive (blood work and some prescriptions are covered by insurance). This would be the perfect gift for your wife who has reached middle age and can’t shed any weight or feel great.  Dr. Blades is AMAZING!!! Shameless plug…if you see her, please tell her that Corrin Wilcox referred you!!! She gives referral credits….but even if you don’t mention my name….I recommend you go!!! She is a life changer! 

jumk.jpg#8.  Junk Town Revival (both men and women):  Junk Town Revival (both men and women):  My cousin and her husband who live in Shreveport, LA , have the coolest business.  They take old books and make them into journals.  This is the perfect gift for a graduate, husband, wife, kids.  Please check them out.  They are so reasonable and they are such good Christians! 

#9.  Cooking class (men and women):  These are so much fun.  The perfect date night.  We in Towne Lake are lucky because they have them almost every month for a small fee at the Lake house.  Those of you not in our area, look for one.  Dave and I did a sushi making class in Houston at a place called Urban Chef.  It was so much fun! 

#10.  Everything But Water Gift Certificate (mostly women):  Give a gift card to your lady to this awesome place.  This is a splurge and most of us (Target girls) feel guilty about buying expensive swimsuits.  However, after having kids, we need nice swimsuits.  Sometimes the Target ones don’t cut it. Buy this for your wife and she will love you!  Everyone looks great in these swimsuits!!! They fit you and nothing hangs out!!!! And they last for years!!!

Here is my list.  My question for all of you, what would YOU add to the list?  Would love suggestions! 

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