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I Heart Food Tours and Cooking Classes and Why You Should Too!!!

IMG_0443 (1).jpgY’all, I’m obsessed with food tours and cooking classes when traveling.  In fact, I have gotten to the point that if we can’t find one in a new place, I’m disappointed!

The reasons I am obsessed with the food tours and cooking classes: 

  1.  You get to explore the city with an expert.
  2. It’s easy, not much planning or thinking.
  3. It’s an automatic fun activity in a new city.
  4. You learn new things!
  5. You get to try a ton of stuff you would never have thought to try !

My love with food tours and cooking classes started innocently.  When we were in Italy, Christa, Brad, Dave and I signed up for a cooking class in the Cinque Terre.  It was inexpensive, fun, and we ate and drank a way more than  it cost. We were hooked!!!



After that our sweet friends came with us to San Miguel de Allende (one of the coolest places to travel…mountain area of Mexico…think the Europe of Mexico)  for our 40th birthday.  They asked if we wanted a cooking class or food tour.  The taco and margarita food tour was more convenient, so we chose that.  Game changer!!!! The 12 of us had a blast going from place to place all day trying tacos and margaritas! 


When we were in Breux Bridge visiting my parents for Christmas, Dave and I decided to sign up for a Cajun Food Tour in Lafayette.  I loved that I got to experience new things in a place I knew!

Our next food tour has by far been my FAVORITE!!! We took our three girls on a Hungry Birds food tour in Amsterdam. This was so inexpensive compared to what we got!!! We stopped at 10 places (food and drinks…alcohol for the adults included).  It was 5 hours and all five of us loved it!!! It was one of the highlights of our trip.  I know many parents shy away from doing something like this because they think their kids are “picky eaters”… Trust me, try at least one….They will love it!!!

IMG_0508When we were in Paris I booked us an Airbb Experience (side note, when you are planning your travels, check out the Airbb Experiences because they are awesome). I booked us a breakfast cooking class in an apartment (with a view) in Montmartre.  It was so much fun for the girls!!! 

IMG_0509The next food tour adventure was held in Nashville when we took a couples trip.  We took the East Nashville food tour and had the best time.  We ate things we would never have tried.  Also, we ended our tour easting dessert at a really cool restaurant. One of the good things about doing food tours is that you get a taste of the area.  If you taste something you really like, you now know where to go back for lunch or dinner. 

IMG_0510When we went to Banff for another couples trip, we booked a food tour at the famous Fairmont Hotel.  We couldn’t afford to stay there (it costs about $700 a night), but we were able to see the grounds and enjoy a fun food tour.  It included lots of food and drinks.  

IMG_0521And finally, our latest food tour adventure was in Denver for our family summer vacation.  We went with Christa and her family and had a couple of days in Denver.  We decided of course we had to do a food tour.  There were 6 adults and 9 kids.  Guess what….All 15 of us had a BLAST!!!! We were able to discover cool parts of Denver that we never knew existed.  Next time we go to Denver, we know places to go!!!

IMG_0511My sister Michelle and her boyfriend went to Dallas for a weekend getaway.  They signed up for a food tour because Christa and I won’t shut up about it. They LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!! I keep telling Dave that I want to try one in Houston, because we are known for our restaurant scene.  Dave and I have done a beer and booze bus tour (check out the blog) that was a lot of fun. 

So there you have it, a summary of why I am obsessed with cooking classes and food tours.  If I had to choose one over the other, I would probably choose the food tour because it’s usually less expensive and you cover a lot.  If I were going back to Europe, I would probably go on at least one food tour and sign up for one cooking class.  My friend Alyssa told me when we went to NYC we should do a food tour.  I regret that we didn’t!!! 

My question for you, where have you done a cooking class or food tour that you recommend???  

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