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14212825_10209557304026171_4905279956671638183_nThe Skelly Twins:  Corrin and Christa grew up in small town, Pineville, Louisiana. They have always been driven to do new things and have interesting experiences.  Christa decided she only wanted to spend three years in high school, so Corrin followed in taking extra classes to make it happen.  Both twins graduated from University of Louisiana, Lafayette (Go Rajun Cajuns!) with a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Social studies Education.  Years later Christa talked Corrin into earning a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Sam Houston State University (Go Bearkats!).  Both decided they did not want to ever be principals and currently reside 1.5 miles away from each other in a suburb of Houston, Texas. Both twins are very grateful to spend the next few years being full time stay at home moms.  They stay busy toting kids around, starting freezer meal clubs, and planning their next adventure. The path they took to get here has been very colorful.  Hopefully you will enjoy reading their stories, opinions, projects, travels, and everything in between.
14359132_10155819699212837_225100466188953822_nCorrin:  One minute older, she has always been more of the laid back sister. She goes along with some of Christa’s crazy adventures because she doesn’t want to be left behind.  Corrin stupidly married her college boyfriend, but was grateful to divorce and move to Texas to teach high school at an alternative art based school in Houston, Texas.  Corrin had lots of fun being single and then met her wonderful, smart, funny husband Dave.  Corrin taught high school (mainly AP Macroeconcomics and Economics) for fourteen years.  She tried everything to get out of the classroom and now has a Masters in School Counseling from Lamar State University (Go Cardinals!). She now stays home with her three beautiful daughters, Isabella, Sophia and Finley. She loves travel and hates to work out (even though she does).  She loves spending time with family and friends.14292380_10155819697797837_4633127603658610525_n
 Corrin’s Family

10208742368173284 227876468531340946 n Christa:  Very much the go-getter, Christa’s road has been equally as interesting. After graduating from college she moved to Houston with her young daughter Paige and British born husband Matt. They had a son, William, but divorced after they both realized they were not a perfect match. Christa pulled her big girl panties up, convinced her twin to buy an investment property, and started out fresh teaching Social Studies Middle School. Christa thanks God every day for meeting her wonderful husband Brad on Match.com.  Her family has now grown and includes three more beautiful daughters, Allison, Abbey and Charlotte.  Christa loves to throw parties and is on her neighborhood’s social committee.  Her Catholic faith is important to her and feels that our purpose on this earth is to love the Lord and to serve others.   Her perfect day is being with her family roasting s’mores on their outside fire pit.

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   Christa’s Family

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