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The Bill Cosby Effect

cosbyI have had this true story with me for many years. Some of my family and close friends know, but most don’t. I have not “broadcast” my business because I was embarrassed. The truth is that I was “date raped” just like Bill Cosby did for years to all those unsuspecting women. He was the worst of the worst. He used his “power and celebrity” to take advantage and RAPE women. Yes, I said it…RAPE…

noun: unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of thevagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent ofthe victim.

Here is my story.

I was a young, newly divorced educated young woman living in the fourth largest city. My friend and I decided to go hang out at a “cool” Mexican Restaurant (Taco Milagro) inside the loop on a beautiful Sunday. We were enjoying the weather and the outside patio and a margarita. As the day progressed we were having a great time. My friend decided to leave, but I decided to stay. I was lonely in Houston (my best friend and twin was living in Canada), so I stayed. I remember having one margarita (over the course of hours) and then a cute guy (Hugh Grant) look alike asked to buy me a drink. That is all I remember.

shutterstock_30929878The next thing I know it is the next morning and I woke up. Mr. Hugh Grant lookalike is lying in bed next to me. I wake up and am puzzled. What has happened to me? I was SOOO embarrassed because I was not the “one night stand” girl. Before I could collect my berings, I realized I was SO SICK!!! I ran to the bathroom and puked and puked. I was very sick. I was not “hungover” sick, but “something else” sick. I puked and puked for about 4 to 6 hours and then felt great. I was as good as gold.

He left early on and I was too sick to even try to put together the pieces. However, after he left and I got better I knew…I was drugged….He put something in my drink and raped me….

138600316_640I was too embarrassed to go to the police and by the time I figured out what happened, it was too late for tests, etc. I do know that I saw him months later out and I confronted him about drugging me. His face went white and he just said nothing. The thing about it was that HE WAS CHARMING, GOOD LOOKING…..why did he drug me? He didn’t have to drug me. If he would have been a good guy he would have asked for my number and taken me out on dates. But, he was a sociopath who just wanted to do what he wanted to do. Just like Bill Cosby. America’s “father” is now labeled as a rapist in the public opinion court.

Date-Rape-GraphicThe lesson is, the evil sociopath rapist, could be your sweet all-American friend or neighbor. This is what we need to teach our daughters. Many of them are going off to college and we need to arm this with as much information as possible. I remember one night Christa and I went out with our police officer friend, Chris. A stranger bought Christa a beer (without her seeing it) and she felt weird about drinking it. Our friend Chris said he would drink a free beer. You can only guess what happened….The beer was drugged and he got very sick.

So the lesson of the story, we have to talk to our girls about RAPE and the different avenues. Growing up, I always associated rape with people breaking into your house and doing awful things to you.  It never occurred to me that I needed to be equally on alert for normal looking people who also wanted to do harm. 

My question for you, do you teach your kids that bad guys come in all shapes and sizes?  Also, why do you think Bill Cosby and others got away with this behavior for so long?

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    Connie Rischman
    July 28, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Proud of you talking about this and trying to help other women in your situation.

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