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Can I Drive Yet?

drive 1A lot of us have been there

We are at a Mexican restaurant and having a great time socializing with family or friends.  We have a wonderful tasting margarita and the server asks us if we would like another one.

We think

Will I be ok to drive if I have another margarita? 

 We all know that a serious problem in America is drinking and driving.  One of my sister’s friends lost a daughter to a drunk driver.  There are absolutely no excuses for drinking and driving. 


Uber is a wonderful service that will get you safely from point A to point B if you decide that you want to have alcohol. 

201284519Back to that margarita…

If I have another margarita, will I be safe to drive?

There is an app called “Can I Drive Yet”

It allows you to put your weight, gender, metabolism, and state’s legal limit into a calculator which will in turn tell you if you are ok to drive based on the amount of alcohol you consume.

screen320x480 (2)Example: 

It is 7:00 PM at night.  I put in the “Can I Drive Yet” app that I have had one glass of wine.  I adjust the “drinking since time” to 7:00 PM.  The app tells me that I am safe to drive because blood alcohol level is at 0.042% (Texas has a limit of .08%).  If I immediately drink another glass of wine, my blood level will be around 0.084%.  I would not be safe to drive.  The app tells me that I MAY be legal to drive in twenty minutes at 7:23 PM.  The app tells me that I will have no alcohol in my blood in five hours and five minutes at 12:08 AM.

If I immediately have a third glass of wine, my blood alcohol level will be at .126% to be legal to drive in two hours and forty-five minutes. 

My husband weighs 55 more pounds than me. (He is 6 ft 1 and I am 5 ft)

If he has one glass of wine, he is at .025.  Two glass puts him at .05% and three puts him at .075% (still legal to drive).  Two glasses back to back immediately puts me over the limit but because he is larger than me, he is safe after three glasses.

If he has three pints of beer immediately, he will not be safe to drive  (.09%) because the size of the beer (pints) was more than the glasses of wine. 

Back to that tasty margarita

I am safe to drive (barely…0.079%  after drinking  a margarita that has  two shots of hard liquor).  After that second margarita,  I am looking at four hours and forty minutes before I am safe to drive.

Why I think the app is great

I know that the app is not perfect.  I’m sure there is room for accuracy.    I do, though, think it is a good tool to utilize if you plan on drinking while you are out.  If you are not safe to drive, you can call an Uber driver to come and get you. 

screen320x480It is in “Real Time.”  You can add your drinks as the night progresses in the app and it will give you the correct time.  I am not going to drink two margaritas at once.  Therefore, it will not really be four hours before I can safely drive home because I will have waited to drink the second margarita.

You can add other people to the app.  I can add Brad to the app and keep track of his drinking too. 

8feadec3df67421f833689b55cf462c2Last thoughts

Drinking and driving is never ok.  You can kill yourself or an innocent person.  There are too many resources to utilize in order to be a responsible drinker.  If you cannot afford to take Uber, you should not be going out and drinking, just stay at home. 

Brad’s company Christmas party is coming up and we know that we both will have drinks.  We will take an Uber to and from the Christmas party because we will not drink and drive. 

Please be safe and download this “Can I Drive” app.  It costs $.99 to download and the information provided is wonderful.  If you have ever wondered “If I got pulled over by a cop, what would the breathalyzer say?,” this app will help you figure that out.il_fullxfull.674632876_cqo2My question for you is this:  Who is going to going to download this app? If you know people who this app would help, please share this post.


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