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Do You Have Faith In Humanity?

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Love and Humanity

“This world has gone completely crazy.”

I have said this sentence one too many times lately and honestly, I don’t believe it.

We all know that there is evil in this world.  There has always been evil since the beginning of time.  We can think back to events in history and be sad in the lack of humanity of people.  I cannot wrap my mind around the Natzis who killed six milllion Jewish people during World War II.  


I cannot wrap my mind around the genocide that has taken place in the past and the genocide that still occurs today.

I cannot wrap my mind around people who are determined to terrorize the world in the “name of religion” and kill innocent people.  

I cannot wrap my mind around the person who kills an innocent child.

There is evil all around us.


The good news though, is that the evil around us is very small in comparison to the love and good around us.  


There are bad apples in every walks of life.  

I have decided that I can’t focus on the evil in this world and I must focus on the good….because there is a milion times more good than evil.



If you believe in God or don’t believe in God, there is still humanity.  I believe that humanity is that thing in your body that you just feel and believe that you need to be a good person.  It is your conscience that “makes you feel bad” when you do wrong things.  

I still have faith in the human spirit and humanity.  As many of you know, I love my Catholic faith and am proud of it.  I think, though, that even if you are not Catholic, you still can be about love.  I live on a street where all different ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds are represented.  I love my neighbors because they are all kind people.  I don’t care what religion, race, culture you are from.  If you are a nice person, I want to know you and be friends with you.  If you are not a nice person, I want to pray for you that you become a nice person.


I am disturbed by the husband and wife in California who killed all of those innocent people.

It saddens me that co-workers of the husband reached out to this couple and threw them a baby shower for their baby.  Their co-workers didn’t care about religion, they cared about humanity and being a nice person.  It saddens me that these two individuals had so much hate in their heart, they killed the people who showed them kindness.  They killed a person that was their same religion that they claimed to be.   


This couple made sure to keep their child safe but killed the parents of many children.  How is that right?  How is that fair?

Where is the humanity?

I will live in my little Pollyanna world where I believe that most people are good.  I am lucky that I try to surround myself with nice, kindhearted people. 

There was a story on the news recently where a medical student from Tulane helped a woman in New Orleans that was being attacked.  He drove past the woman and saw that she was being attacked.  Instead of driving on and calling 911, the medical student TURNED around and drove to help the lady.  He was shot but thankfully survived.  He didn’t have to do that.



He had humanity.

There was a story of one of the victims of the California who shielded another co-worker and ultimately died helping her.  This is humanity.

In mass on Sunday, the message from our priest was that even in this world where there is evil, you cannot stop trying to be a good person.  You have to continue  working at being Christ like.  

There are two people that I greatly admire for their love and beliefs, Mother Theresa and Gandhi.  I love the quote below, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”  I want to strive to be more like that.   

mother-teresa-quote (2)

I still believe that at the end of the day, how you treat other people is the most important thing in life.  We can all accumulate wealth and things but at the end of the day, we will all die.  No one can escape death.  How we were on earth is what really matters.

If you say you love God and then kill 3,000 people, do you really think God is happy with you?


Who is God happier with:  The person who claims to love him and kills 3,000 people or the kind Atheist who doesn’t hurt a soul?

At the end of the day, we can only control ourselves.  I can only teach my children to love and to not hate other people.  I am a Christian but even if you are not a Christian, I still love you.  I want to be your friend.  


My question for you is this:  Do you still have faith in humanity like I do?










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