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Do You Want To Up Your Glam Game? Would You Love To Give A Special Lady In Your Life A Fun, Unique Gift That Costs Less Than 35 Cents A Day?


I have a few confessions to make.  First, up until one or two years ago, I knew NOTHING about make up.  I purchased all of my products from the grocery store, CVS, Target, or Walmart.  I was too cheap to buy expensive department store brands and I heard that make up was made up of mostly the same ingredients and you were paying for the name/advertisements. I still believe much of this to be true.

My second confession is that for 30 years I only bought the basics: L’Oreal liquid foundation , Covergirl powder, Covergirl blush, Revlon eyeshadow, Covergirl eyebrow pencil, L’Oreal mascara, Revlon eyeliner, and any cheap lipstick.

I didn’t buy brushes, contour tools, concealer, moisturizer, lip gloss, and all of the other million beauty products that we can easily get suckered into buying.

My third confession is I don’t like buying and applying makeup because I never really understand (or was taught) how to property apply it.  Going into a Sephora or Ulta was a very overwhelming experience and one that I avoided at all costs.

31946612_10160216153625462_6768015980502188032_n.jpgI started to slowly change my attitude and become more open minded about make up after a sweet friend of mine, Liz Day (a professional makeup artist), came to my house one evening and taught a large group of ladies easy make up tricks.  Many of us took notes and made a list of her favorite products.

The next day I went into Sephora and decided to pick up a few of her recommendations.  I can honestly say that I could tell the difference between most of these items compared to the cheapo products I spent most of my life wearing.

IMG_2326.JPGI am happy to report that my attitude about beauty products have changed a lot in the last few years.  I still hate shopping for products and don’t really understand what I should buy.  My sweet friend Carrie recently told me about a company called Ipsy that sends beauty supplies to your doorstep every month.  I was intrigued and asked her to tell me more.

IMG_2325Basically for $10.00 a month, you get a cute small make up bag and about 4-5 beauty products (some trial sizes, some not).  They vary every month (which is part of the fun). In the two months I have done Ipsy, I have received a nice blush brush, a blender, lots of eyeshadows, and other name brand samples of products. IMG_2318

I love this service for many reasons.  First, I love getting a fun package (it comes in a hot pink bubble looking package) with surprises inside every month.  I feel the $10.00 price point is perfect.  I plan on giving this service to friends for a few months when I am looking for a unique present.  I appreciate that I am able to try new products that I would never even know about, without having to buy a full sized package.  If I decide I love the product, then I know the name and can figure out where to buy it.  It would also make a great teacher’s present! One last thing, you can go to their website ipsy.com and receive make up tips and tutorials.

So, there you have it.  If you feel as lost in a makeup store, you now have a wonderful, inexpensive option.  I’m putting the cute little make up bags in my gift closet to use as teacher presents or other types of gifts. If you want to try out Ipsy for free, click on this link and it should allow you to order a free bag!

My question for you, have any of you tried it and what are your thoughts? 







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